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Jinan Grete Urine Analyzer

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GRT-type urine analyzer (GRT-2000, GRT-2001, GRT-2002, GRT-2006, GRT-2008) is independently developed and produced by Jinan Great Technology Co., Ltd. and strictly implements YY / T 0475-2011 industry standards Diagnostic medical devices, mainly used for routine urine analysis and analysis, can provide a reference for disease diagnosis.


GRT-2001 urine analyzer

1. Performance characteristics:

1, 8 items, 10 items, 11 items compatible design

2. 320 * 240 pixel LCD screen

3. Full Chinese operation interface, easy to learn and use

4.Using ultra-high brightness cold light source test technology to reduce the interference of ambient light, the light source does not need to be replaced permanently, and the result is more accurate

5. The date and patient's medical record number can be entered for easy query

6, with a single test 60 times / hour and continuous test 128 times / hour, two working modes

7. Full Chinese comprehensive report, selectable report printing format, +/- system or numerical system

8. Automatically save all measurement data when power off, so that the operator can continue to work

9. Can be connected with urine sediment workstation

Second, the technical indicators:

1.Wavelength: 465-650nm

2. Test speed: 60 specimens / hour, 128 specimens / hour

3. Storage: Automatically store 1000 copies of patient data

4. Printing: Built-in thermal printer

5. Interface: Standard RS232 interface

6. Calibration: fully automatic

3. Measurement items:

Urobilinogen, bilirubin, ketone bodies, occult blood, protein, nitrite, white blood cells, glucose, specific gravity, PH value, vitamin C




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