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National Health and Welfare Commission: new basic public health funds for rural epidemic prevention and control

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The State Council should hold a press conference on the joint prevention and control mechanism of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation to introduce the prevention and control of rural epidemic situation in the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention.

Nie Chunlei, director of the grassroots health department of the National Health and Safety Commission, said that the focus of rural epidemic prevention work is on "prevention", that is, external prevention and internal prevention. The difficulty lies in the problem of understanding, and the seriousness of the epidemic is not well understood.

What about rural epidemic prevention? Mao Dezhi, deputy director of the Rural Cooperative Economic Guidance Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that during the prevention and control of rural areas, focus on the responsibility of implementing the "two committees" of the village, implement grid management, and urge the farmers not to go out, not to go together, or to gather. At the same time, follow-up screening of returnees and floating population, registration and filing, and good health monitoring. In addition, intelligent grid management, implementation of home observations and other measures, timely treatment of fever personnel and suspected cases, and find the abnormal situation to deal with the first time. Nie Chunlei said that grassroots medical institutions should do well the work that medical institutions should do under the organization of the local "two committees". First, do a good job of investigation, participate in grid management, conduct carpet-style investigation, and after the discovery of fever and foreign "four types of personnel", the referral of the referral should provide good service for home isolation and do a good job. Propaganda and education. Second, make full use of various publicity channels in the countryside to make the people realize the importance of prevention and control. The basic knowledge of prevention and control is to wash hands frequently, wear masks, gather less, and come to the door less, and really put down the preventive measures. Third, to strengthen security services, including funding guarantees, the Ministry of Finance has issued this year ’s basic public health funds, and at the same time made it clear that all the new money this year will be used for rural epidemic prevention and control in the countryside, and at the same time, we will guide localities in the deployment of materials In the process, proper consideration is given to material security in rural areas.

In recent years, Jinan Grit has insisted on focusing on the construction of grass-roots health projects, deeply immersed in grass-roots medical testing and medical information solutions, and realized the closed-loop control of offline medical testing data collection and online health management, and opened up medical equipment, The conversion channel among residents, hospitals, and doctors has realized an active health service model centered on residents' health management.

Taking the vehicle as a carrier, it is equipped with biochemical analyzer, blood cell analyzer, electrocardiograph, sphygmomanometer, urine analyzer, height and weight meter, centrifuge, ultrasound, health education system and other equipment. Can go to the countryside to provide residents with "one-stop" services such as personal basic information collection, lifestyle, physical examination, auxiliary examination and health assessment, health guidance, etc. to achieve "on-site inspection, on-site results". Provide residents with a new model of convenient, continuous and comprehensive health management services.

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