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Jinan Grete National Basic Public Health Equipment, praised by many media

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Blood tests, B-mode ultrasound, electrocardiogram ... In the past, to complete this series of physical examinations, you had to go to the hospital to line up for registration, which is very inconvenient for villagers living in the countryside who have limited mobility. Jinan Grit national basic public health equipment, along with the basic health public service vehicle, enters the village and enters the house. The intelligent equipment allows villagers to complete a series of health checks at their doorstep.

The equipment is equipped with blood analyzer, urine analyzer, biochemical analyzer, electrocardiograph, centrifuge, ultrasound, health education system and other equipment. It has functions such as identity recognition, automatic data collection, and intelligent data processing. At the same time, it can automatically complete the collection and storage of health examination data, and directly import all the data collected on site to the basic public health system to ensure the accuracy and standardization of the examination results, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The masses can complete various basic examinations without leaving the village, and can understand their basic health conditions on the spot. Afterwards, the hospital will feed back all physical examination information to the masses and make appropriate health assessments for the masses.
Supported by informatization, we created a new mode of "Internet +" basic public health service work service, realized the seamless connection of health examination data and residents' electronic health records, and realized the doorstep of health through train service. This set of equipment has been well-received and well-received since its launch, and has been praised by the media many times.




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