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In 2019, Ju County's elderly physical examination was equipped with a health examination vehicle and information equipment

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In 2019, Ju County is equipped with a special health examination vehicle and information equipment in the free physical examination of the elderly to keep abreast of the health status of the elderly in the jurisdiction and the main risk factors that affect health.


The set of national basic public health equipment realizes paperless operation, ID card verification, on-site avatar collection, rapid blood sample inspection, platform data analysis and timely upload functions, and also ensures the accuracy of medical examination data and test results. The examination contents include health condition assessment, lifestyle guidance, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, ultrasound, hematuria routine, liver and kidney function, blood lipids, blood sugar, etc., and provide personalized health guidance according to the examination, and the family doctor signs the service The team is responsible for timely feedback of the medical examination report to the elderly people participating in the medical examination.

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