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Analysis of national basic public health solutions

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(1) Equipment composition

1. Information terminal equipment

2. Body height and weight measuring instrument

3. Workstation of ECG blood pressure detector

4. Basic information entry equipment

5. Urine Analyzer (GRT-2002)

6. Blood Analyzer (GRT-6002)

7. Biochemical Analyzer (GRT-3002)

8. Twelve channel electrocardiograph

9. Digital Color Doppler

10. Fully automatic biochemical analyzer

11. Twelve channel electrocardiograph

(2), function

1. The set of equipment can complete the standard version of the physical examination requirements of the public health;

2. Blood and urine samples do not need to be taken back to the hospital for testing, and the basic inquiry data does not need to be manually input into the public health service platform;

3. On-site inspection, on-site report, on-site data upload, can complete the number of physical examination of about 60-100 people in one morning.

(3) Case sharing





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