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Jinan Grit products enter a village in the southwest

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In December 2019, the cold weather couldn't stop us from caring for the elderly. A hospital in a southwest drove a medical examination vehicle into the mountains to provide free health examinations for the elderly.


Physical examination items include height, weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, B-ultrasound, biochemistry, blood routine, urine routine, TCM constitution identification, etc.

Southwest mountainous areas have high altitudes, low temperatures, and poor natural conditions. Most of them are distributed among the mountains and the mountains, with complicated road conditions and inconvenient traffic. Due to the limitation of natural conditions, the per capita annual income is relatively low. The local young and middle-aged people are far away from their hometowns and work in cities. Most of the villages are left-behind elderly and children. The health problems of the elderly have aroused the concern of the family and the local government. Due to the inconvenience of travel, most of the local elderly have no conditions and ability to go out of the mountains to receive medical services. To this end, our staff and local medical staff traveled together in various villages in the mountains, overcame the harsh natural conditions, and made every effort to deliver health services to each elderly person, and carefully carried out detailed inspections for each elderly person. Let the elderly have some understanding of their own health status. During the examination, our staff also actively promoted a healthy lifestyle and raised the health awareness of the elderly. I hope that the elderly can achieve disease-free prevention, early diagnosis and early treatment of illness, and reduce Minor illnesses are dragged into serious illnesses.




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