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Jinan Greet family doctor contract equipment

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1. Policy background

In order to effectively solve the problems of common people's unsightly and expensive medical resources and the utilization rate of medical resources, the state actively promotes the graded diagnosis and treatment system, and the promotion of family doctor contract services is the key to achieving graded diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, seven departments including the Medical Reform Office of the State Council, the National Family Planning Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs jointly issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting Signing Services for Family Doctors” on June 6, 2016. The coverage rate of the contracted service of the key population will reach more than 60%. By 2020, we will strive to expand to the entire population, form a long-term and stable contract service relationship with the residents, and basically achieve full coverage of the family doctor contracted service system.

2. Overview of Jinan Greet Family Doctor Equipment

The family doctor smart contract service all-in-one machine has a family doctor contract service software built in, which meets the basic functional service requirements that the family doctor contract service management information system must have. Opening the data transmission port can realize data exchange with the public health information system. The system can collect terminal health check data, and can realize offline storage and online upload of health check.

3. Case Sharing

With the strong support from all walks of life, the Jinan Grit Family Doctor Program will not only provide the general public with basic medical services and national public health services, but also customize personal health management services. Up to now, the intelligent family doctor service system and products have been applied to more than 30 primary health institutions in Hunan and other places, which truly implements public health service work, simplifies the work procedures of primary health workers and ensures public health data. Accuracy and authenticity.




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