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Composition and application fields of public health equipment

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Equipment composition

The public health examination part of Jinan Great Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of information terminal equipment, human height and weight measuring instrument, basic information input equipment, electrocardiogram blood pressure detector (workstation), twelve-channel digital electrocardiograph, all-digital color dopp It consists of several parts: ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, portable biochemical analyzer, portable urine analyzer, portable blood analyzer, fully automatic biochemical analyzer, mobile medical examination vehicle (optional).

Test items

Information terminal equipment: personal basic information entry.
ECG blood pressure monitor workstation: pulse rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen.
Body height and weight measuring instrument: height, weight, body index.
Biochemical analyzer: liver function, kidney function, blood sugar, blood lipid, ion metabolism, etc.
Portable blood analyzer: blood routine.
Portable urine analyzer: glucose, bilirubin, ketone body, specific gravity, pH, occult blood, protein, urobilinogen, nitrite, leukocytes, ascorbic acid.
Basic information entry equipment: Inquiries about personal basic conditions.
Full digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic apparatus: mainly perform ultrasound examination on abdominal organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney), two glands, superficial, small organs, obstetrics and gynecology, etc.
Twelve digital electrocardiographs: physical examination, heart disease screening, etc.

Solution advantages

1. Portable: adopt suitcase design, small size and easy to carry;
2. Adaptability: The equipment is not affected by the ambient temperature, and can be used as soon as it is opened. It can adapt to the harsh environments of spring, summer, autumn, winter, four seasons, and high cold, plateau, and heat;
3. On-site: On-site testing, on-site results, and on-site data can be automatically generated and uploaded;

4. Data interconnection and intercommunication make the medical examination process informatized without manual filling and reducing manual investment;
5. Large market: The target users are township health centers and community service centers. There are about 41,636 public health institutions with a large market space.

Application field

Public health screening and prevention, primary health centers, physical examination centers, nursing homes, etc.




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