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【Project Promotion】 National Basic Public Health Service

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What is the national basic public health service project?

The national basic public health service project is an important part of promoting the gradual equalization of basic public health services, and is an important work to deepen the reform of the medical and health system; People and patients with chronic diseases are the key population, and the most basic public health services are provided free of charge to all residents. The funds needed to carry out service projects are mainly borne by the government, and urban and rural residents can directly benefit.

Which institutions provide basic national public health services?

Basic public health services are mainly implemented by township hospitals, village clinics, and community health service centers (stations).

Village clinics and community health service stations accept the business management of township health centers and community health service centers, respectively, and reasonably undertake basic public health service tasks. Other grassroots medical and health institutions can also provide corresponding services in accordance with the deployment of government departments.

What is the basic public health solution of Jinan Grete?

Outdoor physical examination and follow-up equipment developed in accordance with the National Basic Public Health Service Specification. Suitcase design, small size and easy to carry, on-site data collection of on-site testing results.


Who is this solution for?

Township-level health centers and community service centers. At present, there are about 41,636 national public health institutions with a large market space.





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