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Caring for the elderly

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Recently, a place in Shandong conducted free health examinations for the elderly over 65 years old.


    Early in the morning, local staff drove a mobile physical examination vehicle and carried portable physical examination equipment for the local elderly to perform physical examination, and sent the national benefit policy to the elderly. The elderly can enjoy the physical examination service without leaving the village.


The portable medical examination equipment used in this examination is a national basic public health special equipment developed and produced by Jinan Grete. The set of equipment is efficient and accurate, convenient to operate, and fast to detect, avoiding the elderly waiting for a long time. The portable design allows you to enter the village for medical check-ups, taking care of the elderly with inconvenient legs and feet, so as to save them the trouble of fatigue. Through the physical examination, the elderly have an understanding of their own health status, disease-free prevention, early treatment of disease, and earning the national dividend.




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