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Jinan Grit products enter a town in Shandong

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On October 12, 2019, before 7 a.m., there was a crowd in front of a township health center. There are old people who come alone; old people who are supported by their children; and old couples who come on crutches. It turned out that today is the day when township health centers care for the health of the elderly and conduct free medical examinations.


This time I used the portable physical examination equipment developed and produced by Jinan Great Technology Co., Ltd., which is convenient and fast. The test data automatically generates a report form. It is simple in operation, fast in detection speed, and reduces the waiting time of the elderly. It is the last day of a three-day free physical examination to take care of the elderly with inconvenient legs and feet. The purpose of this activity is to raise the awareness of the elderly in townships and towns towards their own health, so as to "early discover, diagnose and treat early."


This physical examination is mainly aimed at elderly people over 65 years of age, to establish health records for them, and to understand their own physical conditions. Physical examination items include: ultrasound, electrocardiogram, blood routine, urine routine, blood glucose, blood lipids, liver function, kidney function, blood pressure and so on. The activity not only provides convenient and free services for the elderly, but also further enhances the health awareness of the elderly residents, and at the same time makes the residents of the towns and villages feel the care of the society for them. More than 300 elderly residents took part in this physical examination.




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