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Jinan Grete Public Health Examination Equipment Helps a Hospital's Spring Medical Examination Activities

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In order to further improve the health level of the elderly, grasp the health status of the elderly, and effectively detect and treat diseases early. A few days ago, a local health center launched a spring health check-up to provide free check-ups for residents over the age of 65.
The Jinan Grit Public Health Examination Equipment used in this event is small in size, strong in mobility, and able to adapt to harsh outdoor conditions. The equipment is connected to each other, and the data is uploaded on the spot, which greatly improves the accuracy of the data. At the same time, on-site testing does not need to be sent to the health center for testing, so that the test results are accurate, and the elderly can also understand their own health status on site.
Focusing on inspection and caring for the elderly, Jinan Grete is on the road.

This set of products includes: information terminal equipment, human height and weight measuring instrument, ECG blood pressure detector workstation, information input equipment, blood analyzer, urine analyzer, biochemical analyzer, portable ultrasound, electrocardiograph. The devices are connected to each other, and data can be uploaded with one click, which not only provides work efficiency but also ensures data accuracy.


Suitcase design, small size and easy to carry;


The equipment is not affected by the ambient temperature, and can be used as soon as it is opened.


Fully automated product operation, replacing a large number of repeated entries;

4.High degree of information

Data interconnection and intercommunication, realize the informationization of medical examination process and reduce manual investment;




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