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Grassroots health management should start with public health services, and the establishment of residents ’health records is the key

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In October 2016, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Outline of" Healthy China 2030 "". In terms of the prevention and treatment of major diseases, it is required to achieve the health management of chronic diseases of the entire population and the entire life cycle by 2030.
In October 2017, at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi once again proposed the implementation of a healthy China strategy, proposed to improve the national health policy, and provide people with a full range of full-cycle health services.
In a series of incidents, health management has gradually risen to the national strategic level, and the guidance centered on the treatment of disease has gradually evolved to focus on prevention. While focusing on health management collectively, how to do health management has become an issue that the government and the market need to explore.
Health management should focus on the grassroots level to build a health management service system, the key lies in the new positioning of the grassroots level. According to the relevant content of the "Basic Medical Hygiene and Health Promotion Law" (Draft), the three major functions of primary medical institutions in the future are: basic medical care, public health and health management.
Miao Yanqing, a researcher at the Health Development Research Center of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and deputy director of the Rural Health Research Office, said that to do health management, to achieve a healthy China, and to achieve health as the center, we must start with the national basic public health services. "For now, we hope that the national basic public health service package can become the national basic health management service package."
One of the most important points is the improvement of residents 'health records. At present, the grassroots health assessment system has pain points. The health records should be communicated with the medical institution's medical information and referral information. Medical information should be provided and recorded in the residents' health records. The current status of the system is in the data of the medical institutions in the area, but the provincial level has not.
Director Miao believes that the basic path for implementing health management services lies in resource integration, information integration and service integration. And thus put forward five views on the basic path of implementing health management services:
First, the integrated thinking of health management services is not only reflected in the integration of grassroots medical and health institutions (using general practitioners as a team to integrate basic medical care, prevention and public health), but also reflects the grassroots medical and health institutions, superior medical The three-dimensional, continuity and seamless connection of health institutions and departments outside the health system in the provision of medical services and non-medical services.
Second, health management services must be divided into layers, types, and groups.
Third, the health management service is a concrete manifestation of strengthening the basic medical and health service system and the construction of the general practitioner team in the new period. It is a fundamental solution to the people ’s needs for medical treatment. The profound adjustment of order is a basic, long-term and systematic system design.
Fourth, the implementation of health management services not only needs to focus on the grassroots level, reasonably determine the functions of medical and health institutions at all levels in health management services, but more importantly, the establishment of institutional mechanisms and the support of security systems. The key and difficult point is how to establish the incentive mechanism?
Fifth, health management services must be closely connected with local ideas and consciousness, adapt to local conditions, and have operability and practicality.
At the same time, she emphasized that "health management services based on residents' health records" is to strengthen grass-roots management functions, establish grass-roots health management committees, and form a new health management reporting system, so that grass-roots management departments (committees) can truly play their health The function of the manager; strengthen the health management service function of the primary medical institution, the primary medical institution becomes the information center of the resident health, the management center of the resident health, and the guidance center of the resident health service; strengthen the team collaboration function of the family doctor to make them become resident health The most direct and effective managers, mentors and the first providers and consultants of various health-related services.
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