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A few words about public health

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The national basic public health service project is an important part of promoting the gradual equalization of basic public health services, an important work to deepen the reform of the medical and health system, and the main health problems that the Chinese government aims at the current urban and rural residents, including children, maternal and elderly People and patients with chronic diseases are the key population, and the most basic public health services are provided free of charge to all residents. In recent years, public health projects have achieved remarkable results, but they have also found that there are indeed shortcomings: systematic file filing is not enough; electronic file filing is mainly completed by manually entering medical examination data, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the degree of informationization and automation is low; rural The inadequate annual physical examination of the grass-roots elderly causes the backlog of basic public health service subsidies to become unavailable and makes it difficult to carry out health security effectively.

Jinan Great Technology Co., Ltd., originally engaged in the research and development of military medical equipment, has been devoted to grassroots medical services. It produces a complete set of equipment suitable for outdoor medical examinations. It can enter the village for medical examinations at any time, and can systematically build files to meet basic Public health service requirements.


With its basic medical services, the primary medical institutions may not always be able to do a good job in a week. With the help of this system, it can be solved in one day, and under the service of health checkups and family doctors. The township village was delivered to the door of the people's homes. Some elderly people with limited mobility can come to the physical examination site with the help of their families or in a wheelchair. It can effectively improve the efficiency of the basic national public health service work at the grassroots level, make the work of health management for the elderly of key populations from difficult to bright spots, and enable public health services to be electronic and informatized, and based on these basic Medical big data development provides a corresponding application platform that is convenient for the common people. To create a "new model" for the national medical policy and medical reform policy at the grassroots level with "Medical Internet +" truly implemented.

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