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Vigorously promote the national basic public health service project

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"There are special residents' health records, minor illnesses can be treated nearby, and there is a yearly physical examination, which is very convenient!" When talking about the national basic public health service project, Aunt Wen, a 66-year-old street resident this year, raved about it. She said that she has high blood pressure and can go to the community health service station every day to measure her blood pressure and let the doctor guide herself to take medication.

"Now you can do a physical examination without going out of the village. I didn't dare to think about it before!" Uncle Zhang said, "It's an old age and it's inconvenient to travel. The hospital considers it for us. Regular visits to the village give us physical examinations. No delay, thank you sincerely! "


       Due to the small scale of township hospitals, insufficient funds, and inadequate staff and equipment, especially the lack of biochemical analyzers for liver and kidney function testing, it is difficult to complete the liver and kidney function testing projects for free physical examination for the elderly; poor rural transportation, scattered villages, and travel Inconvenience, many elderly people will not take the initiative to go to township health centers for free medical examinations. In response to this phenomenon, in 2010, according to the National Basic Public Health Service Standards, Jinan Grete developed and produced a set of national basic public health equipment and data automatic uploading system suitable for the use of medical examinations at the grassroots hospitals. Don't underestimate this set of equipment, it has obtained more than 20 national patents, B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram, biochemical analyzer and other physical examination functions. For the staff of the health center, it is light and portable, easy to disassemble and install, and easy to operate. It can enter the village and enter the home with the medical examination vehicle. The medical examination efficiency is high, and nearly 200 people can be examined in one day. Information data is automatically collected, entered, and uploaded, saving the trouble of manual entry, and the medical examination results can be printed on the spot to the villagers.

        Jinan Grete is willing to join hands with colleagues to contribute to the development of the national public health cause.




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