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A picture to understand the family doctor contract equipment

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1. The family doctor smart contract service all-in-one machine has built-in family doctor contract service software, which meets the basic functional service requirements of family doctor contract service management information system construction; open data transmission ports can realize data exchange with public health information systems.

2. The system can collect terminal health check data, and can realize offline storage and online upload of health check data.

3. Support family doctors to query health check data through the system, and can make statistics on common diseases, high incidence and other special populations (including hypertension, diabetes, maternal, infants, etc.), and can carry out chronic disease follow-up and health intervention , Health education and other service work.

Second, the family doctor intelligent contract service all-in-one machine technical parameters

(1) Overall requirements

1. The family doctor smart contract service all-in-one machine refers to the integration of blood glucose meters, blood pressure meters, blood oxygen saturation meters, urine analyzers, digital electrocardiographs, electronic thermometers, hemoglobin analyzers, and second-generation ID card readers. The machine terminal software realizes the integrated and integrated clinical testing equipment, which can automatically collect, store, process, and transmit the test data such as electrocardiogram, heart rate, blood sugar, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, urine routine, body temperature, hemoglobin, etc. Print the contract agreement on site. It has the characteristics of high integration, easy operation, portable belt and high stability.

2. Support multiple network interconnection methods such as wireless WIFI and wired Ethernet;

4. Built-in family doctor contract service auxiliary inspection software, and meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health on the family doctor contract service management information system. The software platform can receive all the data collected by the all-in-one and manage and use the data. It can realize the automatic upload of data to the family doctor contract service platform under the network state, and supports the intelligent import of mobile storage media copies.

5. The system supports running on Windows 7 and above operating systems. The database uses the ACCESS database and adds an encryption function. It can be used offline and can save 100,000 pieces of user information without Internet. It supports office software and general printer.

6. 9.7-inch and above LCD screen, and touch operation;

7. Provide joint debugging between systems and data interconnection;

8. Support batch printing of the content involved in the family doctor contract service, and provide electronic files in xls format.

9. Support "new database" function and "database backup" function, the physical examination data of each village should be kept separately, it is strictly forbidden to save all data under the same database, in the case of database damage and virus, it will not affect other The physical examination data of the village and the past, and at the same time, prevent the crash and reduce the running speed due to the excessive database data.

10. All the equipment and accessories are put into the box, which can be carried on a single back or hand, which is convenient to carry.




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