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Seeing the signing of a family doctor's contract from Peggy's Page

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The animation revolves around the daily life of the Pig family. In Page's world, the medical problems of the entire community are entrusted to Dr Brown. He should be a family doctor signed by many residents including the Page family.

In episodes 37 and 77, Pepe (3 years old) and George (1 and a half years old) became sick separately, so Peggy's parents contacted Dr. Brown Bear.

After briefly inspecting the patient, Dr. Brown Bear quickly gave advice, and of course the child soon recovered. For most families, the Brown Bear Doctor can be said to be an ideal family doctor: the whole family guarantees, sees a doctor without doing too many tests, or even pays (have you seen Dr. Brown Bear collect money)!

What about family doctors in my country?

In China, the signing of family doctors is in full swing, but there is not much clear explanation on the concept and positioning of family doctors. The public's understanding of family doctors may be derived from foreign TV and movie works such as Peggy .

This has created another misunderstanding, many people will understand the family doctor as a "private doctor" to visit. According to the National Health and Family Planning Commission, as of the end of November last year, more than 95% of the cities in the country are carrying out family doctor contract services, more than 500 million people have their own family doctors, the population coverage rate exceeds 35%, and the coverage rate of key populations exceeds 65 %. This kind of argument has naturally been ruthlessly mocked by many netizens, but in the final analysis, it is because of the different positioning of the "family doctor" recognized by the public and the "family doctor" defined by the Health and Family Planning Commission.

In China, a more accurate understanding of "family doctor" should be: the health problems of the entire family are referred to a contracted doctor, and this doctor is called a family doctor.

The family doctors in our country sign the contract, and the main undertaker is the general practitioner in the community health service center. Unlike what the public sees, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases is only part of the daily activities of general practitioners.

Health education for community residents, management of chronic (non-communicable) diseases, health checkups for the elderly, on-site visits for people with disabilities and long-term bedridden patients, and continuing education each year (doctors should have lifelong learning) The development of scientific research activities, other administrative tasks, etc., all belong to the scope of activities of general practitioners. In some areas, general practitioners also have to undertake the tasks of family planning and vaccination.

Therefore, when the Page family is playing happily, Dr. Brown Bear may be collating health information, making follow-up calls, or doing research. However, all problems must be solved by the family doctor, and the workload will inevitably exceed the load that the family doctor can bear. How can the work efficiency of the family doctor be better improved?

What are the good helpers of family doctors?

Jinan Greet family doctor signing solution

1. The family doctor smart contract service all-in-one machine has built-in family doctor contract service software, which meets the basic functional service requirements of family doctor contract service management information system construction; open data transmission ports can realize data exchange with public health information systems.

2. The system can collect terminal health check data, and can realize offline storage and online upload of health check data.
3. Support family doctors to query health check data through the system, and can make statistics on common diseases, high incidence and other special populations (including hypertension, diabetes, maternal, infants, etc.), and can carry out chronic disease follow-up and health interventions , Health education and other service work.

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