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Jinan Grete Public Health Examination Equipment

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Public health examination equipment
Jinan Grete Public Health Examination Equipment is in response to the national basic public health service norms. It aims at the physical examination site in the harsh environment of remote areas, and solves the problems of difficult physical examination and data processing in rural areas. Because of its small size, easy to carry, simple operation, fast detection results and easy operation of inspection professionals, it has been used in grassroots public health service projects and chronic disease follow-up.

The characteristics of Jinan Grete public health examination equipment are as follows:

The equipment is independently researched and produced, with good product stability and convenient maintenance.

The entire operation process is informatized and paperless, reducing the labor intensity of the staff, and has achieved a seamless connection of public health service platforms;

The product is suitable for grassroots use and has a good response.

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