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Ten questions for family doctors

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One question: What is the main purpose of the family doctor contract service?

The family doctor contract service is to establish a stable contract service relationship between the family doctor and the residents of the jurisdiction, make the family doctor the first doctor of the resident, provide targeted basic public health, basic medical treatment, appointment referral, and rehabilitation , Health management, long-term care and other continuous and coordinated health services.

Question 2: What are the main benefits of signing a family doctor's contract?

Through the agreed method, the family doctor will become the health gatekeeper of your family, not only to treat your disease, but also to actively help the contracted clients to develop good living habits and prevent the occurrence of diseases. The signing of the service agreement is not only a commitment to the service target, but also a change in the service mode of the primary-level medical and health institution, allowing the service target to actively participate in the health interaction from the original passive service model to the joint participation model.

Three questions: Who is the signing party?

The family doctors in urban contracting services are mainly registered general practitioners or general practitioners. The rural contracting services are mainly licensed (assistant) physicians in township health centers and qualified rural doctors. Each family doctor team is composed of a family doctor, a nurse, and a preventive health care staff. The specialty team of the superior hospital of the Medical Association serves as technical support. The contracting service is based on the principle of two-way voluntary, and the contracting service period is one year. This is mainly to ensure that the quality of the service signed by the family doctor is responsible for the health of the residents.

Question 4: What are the main services you can enjoy after signing the contract?

The family doctor team provides residents with basic medical, public health and agreed health management services. Basic medical services cover diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-occurring Chinese and Western medicine, rational use of medicines, guidance of medical treatment paths, and appointments for referrals. Public health services cover the country's basic public health services and other public health services as prescribed. Health management service is mainly to formulate different types of personalized contracted service content according to the health status and needs of residents.

Q5: What are the unpaid services of family doctors?

1. Establish residents' health records;

2. Health education;

3. Vaccination;

4. Children's health management;

5. Maternal health management;

6. Health management of the elderly;

7. Health management of patients with chronic diseases (hypertension); health management of patients with chronic diseases (type 2 diabetes);

8. Management of patients with severe mental disorders;

9. Health management of tuberculosis patients;

10. Reporting and handling of infectious diseases and public health emergencies;

11. Chinese medicine health management;

12. Hygiene and family planning supervision and management;

13. Provide contraceptives for free;

14. Health literacy promotion actions.


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Six questions: What are the paid services of family doctors?

Health assessment service

Provide health check-ups (blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, liver and kidney function, electrocardiogram) once a year for contracted service targets; one-time guidance on the use of common household drugs and two or more public health knowledge educations.

Key crowd services

Provide children with a comprehensive physical examination every year, including hearing examination, vision examination, oral examination, etc .; provide full-course standardized health management services for patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, and continue to prescribe at higher hospitals and enjoy "long prescription" medication services (free medicines) Free services can be enjoyed in the catalog, and drugs outside the catalog need to be paid for).

Caring service

For those over 80 years of age who are eligible for the establishment of a family bed, patients with reduced mobility, and patients in the rehabilitation period, priority is given to providing family bed services. According to the needs of the contracted service object, on the premise of meeting the relevant regulations and ensuring medical safety, on-site medical nursing rehabilitation services are carried out (the relevant fees shall be charged in accordance with the relevant regulations and the agreement between the two parties when carrying out home diagnosis and treatment services).

Referral appointment service

Preferentially provide residents with appointments of specialist outpatient clinics and inspections of large-scale instruments and equipment in higher-level hospitals, as well as provide green channel services for in-patient referrals in higher-level hospitals.

Fee reduction service

Residents of contracted parties are exempted from the general medical treatment fee while visiting the community health center, and at the same time exempt outpatient special diseases and inpatient medical insurance thresholds. (Subject to the paid service package announced by the location)

Q7: What are the conveniences and benefits after signing the contract?

After signing the contract, the family doctor is your health steward. You need to update your health files regularly, conduct a health assessment based on the health information of you and your family, and make health maintenance recommendations.

You can save time by making appointments with your family doctor. The elderly and disabled persons with limited mobility can also enjoy the on-site service of community doctors, and are responsible for arranging transfer to superior hospitals according to the needs of their illnesses.

Medical insurance discount: Some provinces and cities have a minimum payment standard of 300 yuan in 2018! For residents who have contracted agricultural insurance to see a doctor in the community where the contract is located or refer to a higher-level medical institution through the contracted community, the outpatient medical insurance threshold will be reduced by 300 yuan, and reimbursement will be increased by 3% on the original basis. Workers, civil servants, retirees and other residents who have contracted for large medical insurance, who are referred to a higher-level medical institution in the community where the contract is located or through the contracted community, will fall by 300 yuan at the prescribed threshold.

Q8: After signing the contract, must the family doctor visit the doctor?

Not necessarily. Mainly through the doctor service team, providing direct health management to the permanent residents of the jurisdiction. A family doctor is not just about seeing a doctor, it is also “a family's health steward”. It is to help residents develop a healthy lifestyle and achieve the effect of not getting sick or getting less sick. For those who do have special needs, have limited mobility, or set up family beds, family doctors should visit.

Nine Questions: Who needs the family doctor contract service most?

Elderly people, patients with chronic diseases, patients with rehabilitation in mental disorders, patients with advanced tumor maintenance treatment, people with reduced mobility, and long-term bedridden patients need the services of family doctors.

Ten Questions: How do residents sign their own family doctors?

Contracted services are based on voluntary principles. Residents with willingness to sign and service needs can go to the nearby township health centers, village clinics, community health service institutions and other grassroots health service institutions, choose a family doctor (team) to sign a service agreement The agreement covers the contracted service content, method, time limit and the responsibilities, rights, obligations and other matters of both parties.

In principle, the contract period is one year. After the expiration, residents can renew or choose other family doctors (teams) to sign the contract.

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