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"Information" makes villagers fall in love with medical examinations

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Early detection of diseases, early prevention, early diagnosis, and early treatment, and regular medical examinations are the first line of defense to protect residents' health. However, in rural areas, due to various reasons, some people have low acceptance of free medical examinations provided by the government. Chenxi County, Huaihua City piloted the introduction of information-based medical examination equipment. The number of physical examination items increased, and the results can be obtained that day, which is popular among the people.

From "seeking" villagers' physical examination to villagers competing for medical examination

At 8 a.m. on August 16, the wind and rain bridge in Wubaotian Village, Yaopu Township, Shangpuxi, was packed with villagers who came from all directions. They all came for medical examination.

"Unprecedented, the enthusiasm is high!" Mi Zhifeng, director of the Shangpuxi Yao Township Health Center, sighed. "According to the government's arrangement, we send a free medical examination to the grassroots every year, but we all go from house to house to beg everyone. "

"It turns out that after the doctor came home for a medical examination, there was no result and it felt useless. Especially for the blood test project, many people doubted whether the blood was sold." 81-year-old Xiao Shouqin told the reason why the villagers were unwilling to undergo a medical examination.

In this regard, Mi Zhifeng was wronged. He explained: “The township hospitals are backward. We used to draw blood from the villagers. We had to put them in a foam box filled with ice cubes and refrigerate them before sending them to Longtouan Township Hospital for inspection. It will take a long time to get results. Plus The manpower is tight and the task is heavy, so for people with normal indicators, we will not come to the door to inform the result. "

This is a common problem in some towns. In October 2017, the Chenyang Town Health Center took the lead in introducing a set of equipment called Jinan Grit in the mobile and grassroots public health dedicated software and hardware system platform in Chenxi County. The medical examination results can be obtained on the same day, which stimulates the enthusiasm of the villagers for medical examination . The news reached five townships in the county, including Shangpuxi Yao Township, Longtouan Township, Luozishan Yao Township, Sumuxi Yao Township and Houtang Yao Township, which aroused the interest of the villagers.


Xiao Shouqin was pleased to find that this physical examination is different from the "old three things" such as blood pressure measurement, pulse measurement, and blood glucose measurement. After 3 hours of physical examination, Xiao Shouqin not only got a medical report, but also a health guide for personal abnormal results, giving detailed recommendations from diet, lifestyle habits to daily medical care.

Cooperation between government and enterprises to escort the health of grassroots people

"After the success of the first pilot in the county last year, the medical examination rate in the area in charge of our town's health center this year has increased by 50% compared with previous years." Yang Wenjun, the director of the Chenyang Town Health Center, counted the benefits of the new equipment. .

The 28 medical staff of the Chenyang Town Health Center are responsible for 14 tasks including free medical examination, health consultation, chronic disease management, and elderly management for nearly 70,000 residents. The entry of medical examination information alone is a huge project. "After each physical examination, more than 200 data will be generated. In the past, the data was collected manually by medical staff and then entered into the computer. The data is cumbersome, medical staff often have to work in three shifts to complete the work, and it is easy to make mistakes during busy hours." Speaking of the past, Yang Wenjun was very sighed.

Therefore, when he learned that the mobile grassroots public health special software and hardware system platform can collect basic information of residents and automatically establish health files, and immediately upload the health files to the national public health management platform, he immediately submitted to the Chenxi County Health Planning Bureau. Application, the introduction of a full set of equipment for the platform.

"The information input is accurate and timely, and all medical institutions on the Internet can share the information." Yang Wenjun said, as a result, medical staff have a lot of time to follow up. At the same time, the follow-up family doctor team began to implement electronic signing, that is, each follow-up, the family doctor used the follow-up package carried by him to upload the data to the platform immediately. Yang Wenjun does not have to wait for the family doctor to come back to report, can be checked at any time through the application software on the mobile phone or computer.

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