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Take you to understand what a family doctor is?

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In his 2017 government work report, Premier Li proposed that the service of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and family contracting services be expanded to more than 85% of prefectures and cities.

85% or more? Would n’t it be my home right away?

You may also ask: What is the family doctor doing? Is it possible to provide door-to-door service? What disease can you see? Can medical expenses go to medical insurance? ... don't worry, your doubts, answer your questions

What does a family doctor do?


Family doctors mainly undertake integrated services such as preventive health care, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, patient rehabilitation and chronic disease management, and health management. Family doctors take people as the center, take the family as the unit, and take the maintenance and promotion of overall health as the direction, provide long-term contracted care, and integrate the individual and group health care.

Is the family doctor going to visit?


Family doctors are not doctors who provide services at home. They can also provide family services if they have difficulty in real mobility. But not all family doctors have to go to the service. After signing the contract, a stable service relationship has been established, and a familiar doctor friend can get better service.

Why encourage everyone to sign a family doctor?


At present, China's medical and health services are facing many challenges such as population aging, urbanization, and high incidence of chronic diseases. The medical and health service model centered on hospitals and diseases is difficult to meet the needs of the public for long-term and continuous health care. At the same time, the concentration of residents' medical treatment in large hospitals is also not conducive to improving the medical environment, balancing medical resources, and rationally controlling medical expenses.

International experience and domestic practice have proved that promoting family doctor contract services is an important way to protect and maintain the health of the people under the new situation. Carrying out contract services for family doctors is conducive to transforming the medical and health service model, promoting the downward focus of medical and health work and sinking resources, enhancing the public's sense of reform, and laying the foundation for the first-level diagnosis and treatment at the grassroots level.

What conveniences can a family doctor bring?


Family doctors not only care about health, but also health. Family doctors can diagnose and treat common and frequently-occurring diseases, as well as provide health assessment and rehabilitation guidance.

· Multiple-For chronic patients, family doctors have the power to prescribe long prescriptions, which is to extend the prescription of chronic diseases. For example, it was originally two weeks, but it can be prescribed for four weeks or even eight weeks.

· Fast-Establish a green referral channel by signing with a family doctor and a higher-level hospital, which is faster than blindly registering at the hospital. Family doctors will have a certain proportion of resources such as hospital expert number, appointment registration, and bed reservation, so that you can get specialized services faster.

· Good-Family doctors know you and your family well, can provide comprehensive and continuous services, not only to provide services to you alone, but also to provide services to your family; not only to see you, but also tell How do you eat and exercise? Family doctors can not only provide services in institutions, but also provide services to families when necessary.

· Provincial-first of all, getting less sick, through the health promotion and reasonable consultation guidance given by family doctors, let you reduce unnecessary consultations. Secondly, the family doctor can help you make a preliminary judgment when you are sick, so that you don't have to go to the hospital to finish the department, you have to go to that department. Third, various regions have also adopted medical insurance incentives in the process of promoting family doctor services. For example, medical insurance reimbursement rates are different. After signing the contract, the medical reimbursement rate at the grassroots level is a little more.

Will family doctors be expensive?


Having said the benefits of so many family doctors, but in fact everyone is most concerned about the issue of "money"! Don't worry, the national policy stipulates:

· Reasonably determine the contracted service fee, shared by the medical insurance fund, basic public health service funds and contracted residents

· Give full play to the supporting role of the medical insurance fund, give preferential measures such as increasing the reimbursement ratio of contracted residents and continuously calculating the threshold

· Reasonably adjust medical service items and prices related to contracted services

The Medical Reform Office of the State Council, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and other seven departments jointly issued a document proposing that in 2017, the coverage rate of contracted services for key populations reached more than 60%, and all poor people were included in the scope of family doctor contracted services.

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