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Li Donghan, physical examination warmth, all things hidden

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beginning of winter,

Stand up,

Jianshi also, winter has been since then;


In the end, everything is also collected.


In the twenty-fourth solar terms, the 19th solar term means that winter is the end. It means that the crops should be collected after the harvest. China has set Lidong as the beginning of winter.

Yesterday officially entered the Lidong gas festival. Lidong not only represents the coming of winter. To be precise, Lidong means the beginning of winter and the collection of everything to avoid the cold. Due to the vast territory of our country, the temperature difference between the north and the south has widened after the winter. Many areas in the north are already dry and dry, everything is withered, and the cold is pressing, while southern China is still green with mountains, water, birds, flowers, and warmth.



Lidong carrying bursts of coolness

The reincarnation of the four seasons stays at this moment

Not much decoration

In winter, the weather is getting colder

Northwest wind blew

Grete's little friends put on thick cotton coats

Put on gloves, scarves, hats

Protect yourself

Continue to fight hard on the frontline of medical examination


"Weapons" indispensable to combat-the national basic public health special equipment and data automatic generation and upload system

How to protect it when winter comes?



No need!

No action required!





The winter solstice is established, and all things are hidden.

Winter is coming soon,

Everything in the world will be hidden,

Rivers are frozen, and streams and many aquariums are sealed;

The mountains are bleak, and the animals are also hibernating,

Come through this long and cold winter.

What about us as humans?

On the day when Lidong arrives,

What should we hide,

Welcome the winter?


"Book of Songs · Valley Wind" has a cloud: "I have a purpose to save, but also to protect the winter." It is about hiding the vegetables and meat for the winter. As soon as winter comes, the storage of winter vegetables by households in the north has become a major event to welcome the winter.

In ancient times, science and technology and transportation were not as developed as they are now. The vegetables stored are mainly Chinese cabbage, plus white radishes, potatoes, green onions, etc., and the large family has a large population. Generally speaking, the newly bought vegetables should be placed in a sunny place to dry before putting them in the cellar.


When the people in the South bring it, they will be busy making bacon, bacon, sausage, and fish. Because the winter weather turns cold, it is very suitable for curing bacon.

Although it is very convenient to buy vegetables and meat in winter, people in the north and south still retain these traditions and experience the customs passed down by their ancestors year after year.

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