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Grete wish you: Happy Chongyang

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Chrysanthemum yellow

Chrysanthemum fragrance

September 9 drinking chrysanthemum wine

A total of chrysanthemums drunk chongyang

Whenever the autumn season is refreshing and the chrysanthemums are fragrant, we will usher in a special festival—Chongyang Festival. The customs of the Double Ninth Festival do not disappoint this great situation, which adds to the happiness of this autumn. How many people have painted this autumn happiness, and how many people have painted a smile, it is invisible, untouchable, and should be sent from Feel inside.

There are many customs and customs in the Double Ninth Festival. First of all, there are the customs of ascending. The golden autumn and September, the sky is high and refreshing. This season, ascending the distant horizon can achieve the purpose of relaxing and fitness.

Jinan Grete sincerely invites:

This Saturday is the Ninth Chongyang Festival at the beginning of September in the lunar calendar, and it is the official day of the Chongyang Mountain Club. At that time, the “September 9” Chongyang Mountain, one of the three major attractions in Jinan, will usher in the first peak of the current passenger flow. This year, the "September 9th" Chongyang Mountain Fair in Qianfoshan will be held from October 26 to November 5 for 11 days. The "Foshan Chrysanthemum Appreciation" landscape, one of the "eight scenic spots in Jinan", has gradually entered the best viewing period. The scenic area has yellow flowers everywhere, wild chrysanthemums fragrant, beautiful scenery, not to be missed.

Greet tips:

After enjoying the Thousand Foshan Chongyang Temple Fair, you can come to Jinan Grit to visit. Jinan Grit invites you to come.

But the sunset is infinitely good,

Why be sorry for the near dusk,

I wish the elderly of the world,

Health and longevity!




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