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[Greite wishes you] Dragon Boat Festival

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Once upon a time, the scented rice dumplings with a cheerful little sentiment, melodious in the string song and destined to be parted in June, drifted across thousands of families. With its most attractive posture, it is soaked with its unique style. At this moment, there was a voice in my heart telling me-again at the Dragon Boat Festival of the year. That's right, today is the year of the Dragon Boat Festival.


God you eat rice dumplings, standing sweet rice dumplings or salt rice dumplings. Want me to say, whether it is sweet or salty, you like good dumplings.

May 5th, Duanyang Festival;

Food dumplings, sachets;

Hang wormwood to expel five poisons;

Draw a dragon boat and succumb to the spirits.


Greet tips:

Dear friends, your holiday balance is insufficient and cannot be recharged. Please hurry up and prepare to work again, and look forward to the next holiday together.

In the end, Grete wishes you well for the Dragon Boat Festival!





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