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Youth vitality-Grete

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Youth vitality-Grete

In order to enrich the style and life of the staff of Grete, enliven the working atmosphere, and strengthen the cohesion, we will organize badminton sports after work on 4.22!

In an instant, we entered the golden stage of life. Here is a youth station that we greet with vitality, and will dance a melody of youth for life.

As modern youths in the 21st century, just as the vigorous early sun rises, we have saved more than ten years of energy. We are about to burst out in the middle of this beautiful year, and constantly show and radiate the energy of youth. Yes, youth, we are here, and we will dance a different kind of music for you with your energetic legs.

Although youth is good for us, it has some flaws, so "take its essence and let it go away", the fate is in your hands, you should cherish the youth, grasp the present, use your vitality to create your own value Life!




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