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Blue Mountain: Free medical treatment at the grassroots level, giving the people "special love"

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On November 4, the Lanshan County Health and Family Planning Commission organized a medical team to conduct free medical examinations for the elderly over 65 years of age in Dongmaoshan Village, Ancestral Town.
Liang Shunxiang, who is 80 years old this year, suffers from illness and is paralyzed from the lower body. In previous years, the medical examinations had to go to the county seat. Due to the inconvenience of movement and the high medical expenses, the family had a headache. I heard that the medical team went to the countryside to carry out physical examinations for the elderly for free, and the family pushed the elderly in wheelchairs early.
According to reports, medical staff in township hospitals conducted free medical examinations for ordinary people every year in the past years. They used a lot of manpower and material resources, and the physical examinations were complicated and inefficient. Now, the introduction of the national basic public health special equipment and automatic data generation and upload system not only allows the people to receive real discounts, but also reduces the burden on medical workers.
According to statistics, the medical service team composed of the county health planning committee and the township health center provided free health consultation services to more than 2,000 people in Tushi Town and Citangwei Township, free medical examination for more than 800 people, and established more than 800 health files for the grassroots. China's disease prevention has built a "health bridge".
Lanshan County Health and Family Planning Committee member and deputy director said: Our people's sense of acquisition and satisfaction are gradually improving, and it is true that people can have no one to have a health file, and everyone can enjoy public health services purchased by the government . (News from Yongzhou Broadcasting)

The equipment used for this medical examination is a complete set of medical examination equipment developed and produced by Jinan Great Technology Co., Ltd. for the public health service health examination project, including
Portable information terminal equipment, portable ECG blood pressure detector workstation, portable basic information entry equipment, portable blood analyzer, portable urine analyzer, portable biochemical analyzer. For more than ten years, Grete has been focusing on primary care.




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