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Jinan Grete National Basic Public Health Special Equipment Appeared on Shandong News Network

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In order to implement the opinions of the General Office of the State Council on promoting the development of "Internet + medical health", improve the "Internet + medical health" service system, innovate the "Internet +" public health service, aim at the inconvenience of the physical examination of rural elderly people, and the health status cannot be included in the public For the management problem, the Ju County Health Bureau used 21 health check-up vehicles to go to the village community for home visits. The car is equipped with a full set of equipment such as color ultrasound and electrocardiograph.

  This year ’s physical examination for the elderly uses the special equipment for basic public health in Jinan Grit, which optimizes the physical examination process, improves the efficiency of the physical examination, ensures the completeness of the physical examination information, reduces the queuing time of residents, and attracts the attention of residents and the media. The TV station conducted an interview and special report on this medical examination!

Jinan Grete national basic public health special equipment and data automatic generation and upload system are developed according to the national basic public health service specification, suitable for outdoor non-examination room environment, and the examination data of the detection people can also be automatically generated and uploaded to the county and province , The city's basic public health information system. Supported by informatization, we will transform the basic medical and health service model, help strengthen the function of the basic medical and health service network, promote the sinking of high-quality medical resources, and improve the quality of medical services.

   Focus on inspection, consistent! Jinan Grete adheres to the principle that integrity is the first productive force and provides suitable and practical solutions for the development of primary medical care.




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