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What to pay attention to during spring equinox

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1. What to pay attention to during spring equinox health: recuperating spirit

The sun is shining in spring and the wind is beautiful. The spirit should be relaxed, open-minded, and nourish anger to nourish. Going to ask the willow on holidays, swimming in the mountains and playing with water, and tempering temperament will make the qi and blood smooth and the spirit strong.

2. What to pay attention to during spring equinox health: keep out the cold

It is advisable to go to bed late in the spring and get up early, go outside and do more activities to stretch the body and make the day more energetic. Special attention should be paid to keep out the cold in spring and raise the yang to converge the yin. According to the principle of "spring cover and autumn freeze", clothes must be increased or decreased with changes in temperature to adapt to the changing law of spring climate.

3. What to pay attention to during spring equinox: regulate diet

The metabolism is strong in spring, the diet should be sweet and warm, rich in nutrients, and the principle of strengthening the spleen and supporting the sun is the principle of food and nourishment; avoid too sour and astringent, it should be light and delicious, avoid greasy and cold, especially not to eat Daxin hot products, such as ginseng Velvet, aconite, spirits, etc., to avoid heat and fire.

4. What to pay attention to during spring equinox: exercise

The one-year plan lies in spring, which is the best season for physical investment. The air is fresh in spring, and this environment is most conducive to vomiting and regenerating. People can choose outdoor activities according to their age and physical condition, such as Tai Chi, jogging, kite flying, spring outing, etc.


5. What to pay attention to during spring equinox: prevent eye diseases

Chinese medicine believes that prevention and treatment of eye diseases should start with regulating liver and kidney. Because, "the liver is open to the eye", only when the liver has sufficient energy, can the eyes be black and white and clear, bright and refreshing. If the liver is irritated, the eyes may be swollen and red, while the liver deficiency will cause the eyes to be dry and unclear. "Kidney is the mother of liver, liver and kidney are homologous", and the kidney has sufficient qi and blood to maintain normal liver function.

6. What to pay attention to during spring equinox: avoid mood swings

The reason for the high incidence of schizophrenia in the spring is related to the liver dysfunction. Chinese medicine believes that the heart dominates the blood and the liver stores blood. When the mood is not good, it will affect the liver's blood storage function, and if the liver qi is not sparse, and the heat will turn the fire, it will eventually affect the heart's function.

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