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Jingle is the third of the 24 solar terms, and this year's shock is March 5th. The arrival of the startled solar term implies that the weather is warming and the temperature is beginning to rise, and the hibernating animals that hid in the soil due to the lower temperature in winter also began to come out slowly. Therefore, "Jing sting" is also called the day when heaven thundered to wake up stupid animals, and at this time, most parts of China are about to enter the spring cultivation season. Combined with the current epidemic situation, I will give you three suggestions on health care in terms of shock.

Emotional diarrhoea

Chinese medicine believes that the five elements in spring belong to wood, corresponding to the liver, and the liver is the main source of xenophobia. Therefore, keep in good health in the spring, keep an open mind, be happy and natural, and don't be angry or sad. Because of the epidemic situation during the handover between winter and spring this year, our emotions fluctuated with the change of the epidemic situation, and we were sometimes angry and moved to tears. Although from the perspective of health preservation, excessively intense emotional changes are very detrimental to physical health, it is quite normal to have corresponding emotional responses to nature and objective things. I will not demand that everyone must guarantee a stable and good mood. Because proper emotional venting is also necessary for mental health.

However, what needs to be reminded here is that a good mental state can improve the body's ability to adapt to the environment, and at the same time increase the ability to resist disease, thereby playing a role in preventing disease. After getting sick at the same time, a good mental state can also speed up the recovery of the disease. So just vent your emotions properly, and do n’t let bad emotions occupy your heart for a long time.


  Eating and slowing down the throat

At the time of shock, everything recovers, and the temperature rises faster, but there are still times when it is warm and cold. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to cold and warmth in daily life, we should also pay attention to the situation of dry mouth and cough due to external climate. Therefore, the folks have the custom of shocking to eat pears. Pears are sweet and cold, and can relieve thirst and moisten the lungs and cough. Therefore, in the time of shock, pears can be eaten raw, or steamed, boiled, juiced, etc., to relieve dry mouth. However, everyone should be reminded that if you have a cough or fever during the epidemic, you should still see a doctor in time, and you should not take care of yourself at home.

Reasonable campaign to prevent epidemic situation

As the temperature warms up, the spring is bright, the wind and the climatic characteristics of the sun, make many people who have been staying at home for a long time. Moreover, as the level of epidemic prevention and control decreased, many places even appeared to gather together to drink tea to eat, mountain climbing without wearing masks. Although we suggest to do some things to enjoy the willows and climb the mountains in spring, the epidemic prevention work is still going on. Conform to the vigorous spring ascent. For most northern cities, there is no view of the early green of the willow leaves and the beginning of the mountain flowers, so if you are in a community where there is no epidemic, you can wear a mask and take a walk in the community to make yourself close for a while. Nature in spring, but still pay attention, try to avoid going to crowded places.

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