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Xiaohan solar traditional eating habits: chicken soup
Old Nanjing also has the habit of eating a chicken every ninth, and one egg per day, so Xiaohan also has chicken soup and eggs on the table of the citizens. It is said that most of the nutrients will be dissolved in the soup when the chicken bones are slowly boiled. It is very easy for the body to absorb. It is a good supplement for qi and blood in winter, and it is also rich in calcium.
The hen stew is better with some health ingredients. Just put something in the house. Red dates, lotus seeds, wolfberry, longan, etc. can also be used with mushrooms, yam, cordyceps flowers, or scallops, and sea rice. The taste is delicious and peaceful. Cook slowly over low heat for 2-3 hours, then skim off the fat on the top, remove bones from the chicken, eat and drink directly, make hot pot soup base, or cook noodles with chicken soup in the morning.
Xiaohan solar traditional eating habits: glutinous rice
Guangzhou traditionally, Xiaohan eats glutinous rice in the morning. To avoid being too glutinous, it is generally 60% glutinous rice and 40% fragrant rice. The bacon and sausage are chopped, cooked, and the peanuts are cooked.
Glutinous rice implies warmth, warm from the beginning to the end of the year. Because glutinous rice has a higher sugar content than rice, the whole body feels warm after eating, which is beneficial to expelling cold. In theory of traditional Chinese medicine, glutinous rice has the effect of replenishing qi and nourishing qi, and it is most suitable to eat glutinous rice in the cold season.
Xiaohan solar traditional eating customs: yellow sprouts
According to the "Jinmen Miscellaneous Records", there was an old custom of eating yellow sprouts in Tianjin. Yellow sprouts are a specialty of Tianjin, made from cabbage sprouts. After the winter solstice, cut the stems and leaves of the cabbage, leaving only the heart of the cabbage, about two inches from the ground, covered with manure, do not breathe, eat after half a month, very crisp and tender, make up for the lack of winter vegetables.
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