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What are the customs of what to eat during the winter solstice?

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As the saying goes, "nurture one day during the winter solstice and be healthy all year round". The winter solstice, commonly known as "winter festival" "long to festival" or "sub-year-old" and so on. The winter solstice is an important solar term in the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar, and it is also a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The winter solstice is the "winter festival", so it is regarded as a big winter festival. In ancient folk, there was a "winter solstice as big as the year".
In ancient times, people who drifted outside had to go home for the winter festival at this time. The so-called "end of year". In ancient times, there was a saying "winter solstice and yangsheng", that is to say, from the day of the winter solstice, the yang slowly began to rise. Winter Solstice Health Precautions:
1. Keeping in good health in winter is to hide the yang, with the emphasis on "hiding". Avoid overeating, cold and cold, and right and wrong.
2, the winter solstice nourishes the sun, and the sun is the world's largest tonic! It is necessary to sun the back.
3, the winter solstice health diet should not be too salty, salty hurt the kidneys.
The winter solstice is also the best time to maintain health, mainly because "qi starts from the winter solstice". Because from the beginning of winter, life activities begin to turn from decay to prosperity, from static rotation. Scientific health care at this time helps to ensure strong energy and prevent premature aging, to achieve the purpose of prolonging life. During the winter solstice, the diet should be varied, and cereals, fruits, meat, and vegetables should be properly matched, and high-calcium foods should be selected appropriately.
Every winter solstice, there is always a lot of debate about whether to eat dumplings or glutinous rice balls. But in fact, dumplings and glutinous rice balls have a good effect of filling the sun and protecting the cold! The dumplings don't freeze ears during the winter solstice.
This statement comes from the medical sage Zhang Zhongjing. He saw that the ears of the people were frozen in the cold, so he used bread to expel the cold medicine and cooked it into a "jiaoertang" to heal the people's ears. ——From "Treatise on Typhoid Miscellaneous Diseases"
Nowadays, eating dumplings on the winter solstice is no longer to treat frozen ears, but the reasonable combination of noodles, vegetables and meat makes dumplings a nutritious and digestible food.
In the winter solstice, dumplings can be stuffed with lamb, cabbage, green onions, leeks, radishes, etc. These dishes are all warm and can play a certain warming effect on the body.
The winter solstice is more popular in Jiangnan. The materials commonly used to make glutinous rice balls, such as glutinous rice, sesame, and red beans, are also warm in flavor and have a good spleen-invigorating effect. The spleen and stomach are healthy and dietary nutrients can be absorbed and utilized by the body to improve the body's ability to resist cold and disease. It is most suitable for consumption in winter.




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