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General knowledge of health care for the elderly in autumn

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When autumn and winter are approaching, you need to pay attention to dietary adjustments, eat more foods that nourish the yin and lungs (lily, sesame, white fungus) and fruits, and also prevent dry skin and itching caused by water shortage.


As the saying goes, the spring is sleepy and the autumn is lacking. In autumn, people's bodies begin to enter the stage of self-protection. At this time, we must pay attention to rest. Let the body take care of itself and expel the false fires in the summer, otherwise the body's fire will easily cause pharyngitis when it meets the outside dryness. Qiuliang do not rush to add clothes, the elderly can thicken clothes in time. In the morning and evening when it is cold in autumn, we should pay attention not to let the "back" and "heart" stay cool. If necessary, we can put on a clip vest or a wool vest first. It is best for the elderly to put on a quilt when sleeping at night. Only in this way will their backs be kept from freezing at night, and it is necessary to pay attention to adding a piece of clothing in the morning and evening to prevent colds.

Everyone should pay attention to supplementing water in autumn, so as to prevent the symptoms of rough skin, wrinkled skin and itchy skin caused by dry climate in autumn. In addition, drinking plenty of water can also promote the body's metabolism, which will help everyone to detoxify in the fall. The elderly have poor ability to regulate hunger and satiety. Hypoglycemia often occurs when hungry, and heart burden increases when overfull. Therefore, eat less and eat more meals on time. Generally eat at least three meals a day, preferably two or three additional meals. You can choose soy milk, peanut paste, walnut cheese, fluffy pastries, fruits and other foods. The interval between the three main meals is 4 to 6 hours, and the auxiliary meal is placed between the main meal and 1 hour before bedtime. It is better to eat eight or nine points per meal, seven points is full. Elderly people should choose coarse grains, such as millet, corn, oats, sweet potatoes.

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