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Today's cold dew

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Hanlu is the 17th solar term of the twenty-four solar terms and the fifth solar term that marks autumn. According to the traditional calendar, Hanlu is the solar term in September. The solar temperature is further reduced, and the dew on the vegetation is not only white, but also very cold, and it is about to condense into frost.

When it comes to cold dew, all parts of the country have entered autumn. The north is a scene of late autumn, with white clouds and red leaves, and the weather is cold and cold; the south is also getting thicker in autumn, and the cicadas bear the burden of the remnants; while in the northeast and northwest regions, the four wildernesses are bleak, and the early frost is seen.

Autumn wind rises, autumn is cool. The leaves were falling one after another, and the ground was flying with dust. This situation seems to remind people that this is a special season for homesickness, nostalgia, sadness, and sighing.

In the cold dew season, frost spreads all over the place, and the world is bleak. But even in this case, the poets still chant, and there are many good sentences.


"Cold Dew on the Leaf of the Sycamore Tree on the Moon Night"

Don Deca

On the leaves of Xiao Shutong, Yue Bailu was the first group.

Drips are clear and full of light.

The wind shakes the sorrowful jade pendant, and moves the pearl to dry.

Suspicious autumn night, the sound subtle night stop.

Condensed air flow everywhere, Runwujing should be seen.

Mo Yan peeped away from tiredness, and it would be more difficult to gather Xi.

In the cold dew season, dew on the leaves of the plane tree condenses into frost. It's such a cold weather, I'm afraid it's late autumn. Lu Jing everything is really beautiful! Don't get bored, wait until dawn, the dew is dry, it's hard to think about it again!


Tang Wang Changling

The female dill covered the stone wall and the stream was dim.

Zigeman Huanghua, Juanjuan cold dew.

Chaoyinhua dew, night lying pine wind.

Yun Ying turned into water, with the same brightness as me.

The sun and the moon are swaying, and there are very few sky and sky.

This poem was written by Wang Changling while practicing in the mountains. Nile and other plants cover the stone wall, and the stream flows quietly. Zige and chrysanthemum bloomed in the cold dew. Drink dew on the flowers in the morning, and lie quietly on Panasonic at night, enjoying the breeze.

In such an environment, Wang Changling finally said that the sun and the moon have washed my soul, and the sky is vast.


Don Baijuyi

The cold wind moved, and the cold and desolate.

The blue flowers begin to white and the lotus leaves are still green.

Independent perching sand cranes, Shuangfei Zhaoshui firefly.

If it is a sparse situation, it is still worth waking up.

This poem depicts the scene on the autumn pool.

The icy cold wind blew, and the cold cold dew condensed. Bluegrass decay flowers are getting whiter, but the lotus leaves are greener. Shahe lived alone on the beach, and two water flies flew together. If it is said to be lonely and lonely, it is to look at these bleak scenery when waking up.

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