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Mangosteen is "wet" solar terms, these health principles should be understood

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Starting from the mango species, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the real summer has arrived.

In summer, especially before and after awning, people will feel more and more drowsy. They can't wake up in the morning and have bad spirits during the day. Why? Because when it's summer season, the "wet" will wrap our body.

Nowadays, the topic of getting rid of dampness is becoming more and more popular. Some patients are overweight, sleepy, high in blood lipids, and loose stools. Dehumidification often has some effects at the beginning, but the longer you eat it, the less effective the effect is, and other symptoms may even occur. Because most of these foods are cold in nature, many people believe that they have a lot of moisture without the guidance of a doctor, especially women who want to lose weight. Taking this kind of food for a long time or excessively can easily damage the spleen and stomach. .

Mango seed health principles

1. Daily life, diet care needs to be in time


When wearing, it should penetrate clothes with good air permeability and strong hygroscopicity, such as cotton, silk, linen and other products, so that there is a thin air layer between the clothing and the skin, and the temperature of the air layer is always lower than the outside temperature. In this way, a good heatstroke prevention and cooling effect can be achieved.

In addition, because people often sweat, clothes should be washed and changed frequently.


The diet should be light, the spleen should be transported, the diet should be light, reduce the burden on the spleen, and curb the production of internal dampness. When the awns grow hot, the body sweats more, the drinking water increases, the stomach acid is easily diluted, the digestive juice is relatively reduced, the digestive function is weakened, and the person is prone to loss of appetite.

Therefore, when eating mangoes, the diet should be light, and more fresh vegetables, fruits, and soy products should be eaten.


In order to prevent heatstroke, Mangzu solar terms should be bathed regularly, so that "yang fever" can be vented. However, it is worth noting that you should not take a bath immediately when you sweat to avoid "wet sweat, but acne."


Adhering to an appropriate amount of exercise every day can relieve stress, activate the functioning of body organs, and accelerate the elimination of moisture from the body. Modern people use more brains and consume less physical energy. In addition, they expect to sweat less in the air-conditioned air conditioner, and their body's ability to regulate and control humidity deteriorates.

Try running, walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi and other sports to help activate the blood circulation and increase water metabolism.

The hot summer weather is not suitable for strenuous exercise. Outdoors need to pay attention to sun protection and summer heat to avoid sunburn.

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