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Gu Yu is coming

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Gu Yu is the sixth solar term of the twenty-four solar term and the last solar term of spring. This means that spring is gradually going far away, and summer is coming. Gu Yu is derived from the ancient saying of "Hundred Valley of Rain", that is, when the sun reaches 30 ° of the Yellow Channel between April 19 and 21 every year.

At this time, the new crops in the field need the rain to moisturize the most, and the busy people in the rain will become the most beautiful figure at this time. Because valley rain is conducive to the growth of crops, "spring rain is as expensive as oil" is the rain at this time. As the saying goes: "Ching Ming breaks snow, Gu Yu breaks frost." Knowing that the valley rain came one year, the ice and snow also dissipated. The arrival of the valley rain solar term means that the cold wave weather has basically ended.

Although the temperature rise is accelerating, the weather in the valley can still feel the cold spring and morning, and the weather will be cold and hot. You must pay attention to the addition and subtraction of clothing to prevent colds. After Gu Yu, the temperature gradually increased, and the rainfall began to increase. Many people wear clothes like summer. In fact, the season has not yet arrived, and the moisture can easily enter the body from the bare parts.

Chinese medicine believes that the humid climate is the source of moisture, and the five elements of moisture belong to the soil. The wet weight is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, and the spleen and stomach are unfavorable, and it is easy to have symptoms such as loss of appetite, poor stools, and fatigue. People must pay attention. In addition, people with rheumatoid arthritis should also try to avoid moisture. In a humid environment, it is easy for wet evil to invade the human body, causing symptoms such as acidity in joint muscles.

In addition, patients with eczema, psoriasis, and vitiligo are prone to relapse at this time. In fact, this is because of heavy moisture.

Then we should dehumidify. Since dehumidification is not a simple method, we need to make various adjustments in diet, work, and exercise.

The first emphasis is on diet. If the diet is improper, it is easy to damage the stomach. In this sense, this period is also a high incidence of stomach diseases. Eliminating the cause of the disease is the key to treatment, such as quitting smoking, quitting alcohol, not overeating, eating fewer meals, and avoiding foods that are irritating to the stomach, etc. The second is exercise. Modern people have more brains and less physical exertion. We should insist on strengthening physical exercise, improving the metabolism of the body, increasing the amount of sweating, and using physical methods to eliminate the damp and hot air in the body and achieve balance with the outside world.

The last important point is not to stay up late, "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" says, "Yangyang in spring and summer, and Yin in autumn and winter." This means that in the spring, it must conform to the growth of yang, and in summer it will be strong. In the spring and summer, the yang should be protected, and the yang should not be dissipated. Staying up all night will consume the yang energy, and will also cause people to be haggard and fatigued. After a long period of time, the qi will not be smooth, and all diseases will follow.

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