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Laba Festival, the year after Laba!

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Eight festivals, commonly known as "Laba",
On the eighth day of the 12th lunar month,
Laba Festival is a traditional festival in China,
There is a tradition of eating Laba porridge and Ba Laba garlic.

As the saying goes, "After Laba is a year,"
The arrival of Laba Festival,
It also kicked off the Spring Festival.
From this day,
"Nian" has a strong atmosphere.

The origin of Laba porridge

Everyone knows that Laba wants to drink Laba Congee, but do you know the origin of Laba Congee? Come listen to these stories below!

Laba porridge originated from the custom of "red beans fighting ghosts"

Legend has it that in ancient times, evil spirits came out to scare children. These evil spirits are not afraid of the earth, they are only afraid of red beans, and people are sick and have poor health, which is the reason for the epidemic ghosts of Laba Festival. Therefore, on the day of Laba, boil porridge with red beans to ward off the epidemic, so it is said that "red beans beat ghosts".

Laba porridge is to commemorate the migrant workers who repair the Great Wall

According to legend, Emperor Qin Shihuang ordered the construction of the Great Wall. Migrant workers could not go home on the construction site for many years. If food cannot be delivered at home, they may starve to death at the Great Wall construction site. On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, some small-grain migrant workers boiled down the remaining grains into gruel, and each person sipped a bowl to resist hunger and cold. To mourn these migrant workers, people eat "Laba congee" on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.

Drink Laba porridge to remember the virtue of ancestors

According to legend, there was a young man in the Western Jin Dynasty who was very lazy, idle and idle, sitting and eating in the mountains, and by the end of the eighth day of December, the family had no food. The hungry young man searched the altar jars and pots at home, boiled a bowl of porridge with the remaining grains and edible debris, and made up his mind to change the past and work hard. People take this to educate their children, Laba drink porridge, and remember the virtues of their ancestors.

Laba food customs

Laba Porridge

On this day of Laba, most areas of China have the custom of eating Laba porridge. Laba porridge is a porridge made with a variety of ingredients, also known as Qibao porridge.

The pattern of Laba congee in various parts of China is very competitive, with a wide variety of varieties and exquisite materials. Generally it is boiled with yellow rice, white rice, Jiang rice, millet, water chestnut rice, chestnut rice, peanut rice, hazelnut kernel, pine nut and white sugar and brown sugar. Some people will also add longan, lotus seeds, lily, wolfberry, purple rice, fragrant rice, barley rice and so on.

Laba porridge is a good sign for the abundant grains and is also a healthy diet. In the cold twelfth lunar month, a bowl of porridge and a hundred kinds of ingredients are cooked through a small fire. It is sweet and soft, and the stomach is easy to digest. It is a healthy way to eat. Eating Laba congee also has the meaning of warmth, perfection, harmony, auspiciousness, health, cooperation, nutrition, indifferentness, convenience, gratitude, joy (replacement of tea with porridge), and relationship.

Laba garlic

Pao Ba Ba Gar is in the north and is a custom in North China. As the name implies, garlic is brewed on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. The method is simple. Put the peeled garlic petals in a sealed jar and soak them in vinegar.

According to the old man, the word “gar” and the word “calculate” of Laba garlic are homonymous. Various businesses must gather their accounts on this day and calculate the income and expenditure of this year. You can see the profit and loss, including external debt and external debt. To be clear on this day, "Laba" is the case.

Laba Tofu

"Laba tofu" is a special product of folk flavor in Qianxian County, Anhui. On the eve of the Spring Festival, around the eighth day of the 12th day of the lunar calendar, every household in Qianxian County must make tofu.

Laba noodles

In some places in northern China that do not produce or produce less rice, people do not eat Laba porridge, but rather Laba noodles. The day before, I made various fruits and vegetables into batter, rolled the noodles well, and on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, the whole family ate ramen noodles.

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