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Eat four winters in winter

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The winter climate is cold, people choose to supplement mutton, beef, chestnuts and other foods. Although these foods have good cold protection effects, they also make the winter diet high in heat and fat, and the winter air is dry. The amount of human activity is relatively insufficient, which is very likely to cause Heat builds up in the body, at this time, don't forget the winter "four winters".

Winter bamboo shoots have the characteristics of low fat, low sugar, and more fiber. Regular eating can promote intestinal peristalsis, eliminate accumulated food, and reduce the absorption and accumulation of fat in the gastrointestinal tract. Not only can winter bamboo shoots be cooked together with meat, poultry, seafood and other meat ingredients, but can also be supplemented with edible mushrooms and green leafy vegetables, and can also be prepared separately. However, because winter bamboo shoots contain more oxalic acid, patients with stones and gout should eat less. And blanch it before eating to remove oxalic acid.

Shiitake mushroom, also known as winter mushroom, is an edible fungus that people often eat in winter. Shiitake mushrooms are low in calories and high in protein and vitamins. They can provide a variety of vitamins needed by the human body and can promote the absorption of calcium in the body. Regular consumption of shiitake mushrooms also has good effects on strengthening immunity and preventing colds. No matter the mushrooms are dry or fresh, they can be combined with other meat vegetarian foods to make delicious dishes. It is suitable for all kinds of people, especially for the prevention of diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia. The dietary fiber contained helps the body excrete excess cholesterol.

Winter Melon Diuretic swelling, clearing heat and detoxification, has a good auxiliary effect on coronary heart disease, edema and abdominal distension. Winter melon is rich in water and low in calories. There are many nutrients to prevent fat accumulation in the body. It has the effect of reducing fat and reducing fat. Winter melon should be cooked with duck meat, ham, tricholoma, kelp and other foods, and its therapeutic effect is better.


Dongzao contains a variety of amino acids and vitamins needed by the human body, especially with high vitamin C content, which can improve human immunity and prevent colds. In addition, it is also rich in sugars and cyclic adenosine phosphate, etc., can effectively protect the liver and protect the cardiovascular. Abdominal flatulence, diabetic patients should not eat more, patients with gastritis and gastric ulcer should peel when eating raw dates.

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