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Winter health care tips

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1. Maintain indoor air circulation:
1. In winter, people are used to close the doors and windows of the house tightly. This will cause the indoor carbon dioxide concentration to be too high. If coupled with the decomposition products of sweat and the bad gas excluded from the digestive tract, the indoor air will be seriously polluted. .
2. People will experience dizziness, fatigue, nausea and loss of appetite in such an environment.
3. In addition, winter is a good season for carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, the indoor air must be kept fresh and fresh.
Second, adjust the diet:
1. The nutritional characteristics of the winter meal should be: intake of sufficient heat energy suitable for the degree of cold exposure and activity.
2. The proportion of nutrients should be 15-23%, 25-35% and 60-70% of protein, fat and carbohydrate, respectively. The intake of minerals should also be slightly higher than usual. For the vitamin part, special attention should be paid to increase the requirement of vitamin C. Intake enough animal foods and soybeans to meet the needs of high-quality protein, increase fats and oils properly, of which vegetable oils are best to reach more than half, in addition, the intake of vegetables, fruits and milk also need to be sufficient.

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