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[Health] Drizzle and cold, what do the autumn equinoxes eat?

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Autumn equinox solar diet principles

Balanced nutrition

Nutritionists point out that only the diversification of food can provide comprehensive nutrition to the human body. Such as cereals, mainly provide heat and vitamin B1; beans and soybean products, mainly provide plant protein; vegetables and fruits, mainly provide vitamin C, inorganic salts and dietary fiber. In autumn, more attention should be paid to the diversity of food in the diet and the balance of nutrition in order to supplement the nutritional deficiencies caused by the hot climate and decreased appetite in summer. In particular, eat chewy and fiber-rich foods. The principle of dietary regimen in autumn should be based on a balanced diet of five flavors, according to the individual's specific situation, appropriate to increase the consumption of sweet, light, sour, moist food, but not too much. When eating, you should chew slowly, which is not only conducive to the full digestion of food and the complete absorption of nutrients, but also the role of fiber food to maintain the moisture of the intestine and chew, to moisten and dry, to prevent dry throat and intestinal dryness The purpose of constipation and other adverse reactions.

Less acid

The so-called Shaoxing means that you should eat less spicy food, because the lungs are gold, ventilation is in autumn, and lung energy is in autumn. To eat less spicy food, is to prevent lung qi too. Chinese medicine believes that Jin Kemu, that is, too much lung qi can damage liver function, so it is necessary to "acid increase" in autumn to increase liver function and resist the invasion of excess lung qi. According to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine nutrition, during the six solar terms in autumn, you must eat less spicy onions, ginger, leek, garlic, pepper and other spicy products, and eat more sour fruits and vegetables. Also keep in mind "Qiu Melon Bad Belly". In the summer, watermelon is a good product to cool off the heat, but after the autumn, no matter whether it is watermelon, melon, or melon, you can not eat more, otherwise it will damage the spleen and stomach yang. TCM healthists also advocate eating porridge every morning during the 6 solar terms in the fall. For example, Li Ting in the Ming Dynasty believed that "Gaichenqi eats porridge. .

Yin and Yang balance

The autumn equinox season is equal to day and night, so we should also follow the principle of balance between yin and yang, so that yin and qi are calm and yang is dense. "Yin and yang balance" is the saying of Chinese medicine. In fact, this is similar to the "nutrition balance" in modern medicine. For balanced nutrition, the first thing to do is not to be picky eaters, to ensure the diversity of food and balanced intake of "seven-day nutrients". The so-called "seven nutrients" refer to the seven nutrients protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and water. The summer weather is hot, most people's appetite has dropped, and it is easy to lack nutrition. Therefore, in autumn, it is necessary to ensure adequate and balanced nutrition. In addition, the reasonable arrangement of three meals a day is also very important. It is necessary to follow the principles of eating well in the morning, eating in the afternoon, and eating less in the evening. When eating, avoid swallowing and swallowing slowly, so that the stomach and intestines can better digest and absorb the nutrients in the food, but also help to maintain the moisture in the intestine and play the role of health and dryness.

Diet should be avoided during the autumn equinox

Pay special attention to prevent autumn dryness in the diet. Eat more clean and warm foods, such as sesame, walnuts, glutinous rice, etc. The varieties of fruits and vegetables listed in autumn are of various colors. Among them, lotus root, water chestnuts, sugar cane, autumn pears, citrus, hawthorn, apples, grapes, lilies, white fungus, persimmon, sesame, honey, etc., are the winners of this time. In the autumnal equinox season, you can eat more spicy, sour, sweet or fruit-vegetable with lung-lowering effect, especially white radish and carrot. Although the autumn equinox is mainly based on eating more pungent fruits and vegetables, it should not be too full or too full, so as not to cause gastrointestinal stagnation. It is worth reminding that after the autumnal equinox, the cold atmosphere becomes more and more intense. If you have a bad spleen and stomach, and often have diarrhea, eating more fruits can easily induce or aggravate the disease.

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