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Common problems and solutions of urine analyzer

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1. No display
1. Check if the power supply has power
2. Check whether the power switch is normal
3. Check whether the fuse is damaged

Second, the fuse is broken
1. Turn off the power and unplug the power cord
2. Take out the damaged fuse
3. Replace with a new fuse

3. The speed of mechanical walking is uncertain
1. Take out the stage
2. Pay attention to lubricants in mechanical transmission parts
3. Install the stage
4. Restart the self-test

Fourth, the printer does not print or print but the print results are not displayed
1. Check that the printer should be in the "built-in" and "on" position
2. There is no paper in the printer, install the printer with printing paper

5. Inaccurate test results
1. The test strip is deteriorated, replace the test strip
2. The test strip is shifted during the measurement and should be retested
3. The test strip is not placed in place, as close to the top of the test strip slot as possible
4. The test strip is contaminated with residual urine on the stage, and the test platform should be cleaned thoroughly
5. Remaining urine is left on the test strips, and use absorbent paper to absorb excess urine and re-measure

Six, urine test results are the same
1. Menu key, select system settings, confirm, enter system settings
2. Find the test paper selection and confirm to enter,
3. Press the down arrow to point to 11 items and confirm
4. Press the menu key twice to return to the main interface and retest




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