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Shandong Provincial Finance issued the 2017 medical and health subsidy budget target of 3.375 billion yuan

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In order to improve the completeness of budget preparation and enhance the overall co-ordination of local funds, the Shandong Provincial Finance recently issued a budget of 3.375 billion yuan for the 2017 medical and health subsidy budget to support the implementation of the basic medicine system and the equalization of basic public health services.
Among them, 836 million yuan is a subsidy for the basic medicine system. It supports localities to consolidate and improve the new multi-channel compensation and operation mechanism of grassroots medical and health institutions, promote the healthy operation of the basic medicine system at the grassroots level, and effectively reduce the burden of on-site medical treatment.
The subsidies for basic public health services are the largest, at 2.067 billion yuan, to support the implementation of basic public health services with the establishment of residents ’health records, health education, and other 45 free items as the main content, to enhance the health awareness of urban and rural residents and effectively prevent Disease occurs.
In addition, a major public health subsidy of 472 million yuan was arranged to support the implementation of more than 30 major public health service projects including national immunization programs, AIDS and tuberculosis prevention and treatment, rural maternal hospitalization and delivery, and free national pre-pregnancy eugenic health checkups. (According to the website of Shandong Provincial Department of Finance)




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