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Summer health is focused on "heart-raising" and clearing dryness

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TCM health care emphasizes "spring and summer to nourish the yang", and the summer corresponds to the "heart" in the five elements, so summer health care focuses on nourishing the heart. In summer, the yang is extremely strong, the sun is scorching, the body's metabolism is strong, the yang is out, the yin is inside, the ventilator is smooth, the vent is free, the spirit is full, and the emotion is outward, making "people correspond with the world"; therefore, In the hot summer, we must pay attention to protect the body's yang, avoid the invasion of heat evil, and avoid the accumulation of heat and poison in the body. It is recommended that you can use more ingredients with heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, or boil soup or make tea to let you spend the summer refreshing. How to maintain health in summer? look here!

Summer health care focuses on "heart care" The most heart-resting summer rest
Get up early to practice Yang Yang Yang Xin. Morning exercises promote the rise of yang, but remember not to exercise immediately after getting up. It is recommended to drink a glass of boiled water in moderation, followed by a short morning exercise, and exercise should not be too intense.
Yangxin should take a nap at noon. Noon time refers to 11 o'clock to 13 o'clock, this time the heart is in order, it is a key moment to recuperate, the best way is to take a nap. Chinese medicine believes that the heart is the master of the internal organs. Nap not only helps to make up for sleep, but also improves coronary blood supply, enhances physical strength and eliminates fatigue. Data show that nap can also greatly reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, angina and myocardial infarction. Even if you can't sleep, closing your eyes and raising your mind is very good for your body and mind.
Drink a cup of nourishing tea in the afternoon. Summer is hot, and potassium, which is closely related to cardiovascular disease, and other trace elements in the human body are easily lost with sweat. Drinking tea in summer can both cool off the heat and supplement potassium.
In addition to tea water, some simple Chinese herbal teas can also be blended to clear the heat and relieve the heat, as well as calm the mind. For example, soaking water with lotus leaf and lotus seed cores can nourish the mind, clear the fire and relieve the heat. Use 6 American ginseng and 10 Ophiopogon japonicus, soak in boiling water instead of tea. It is suitable for those who suffer from fatigue, fatigue, dizziness, thirst and sweating caused by heat. For upset insomnia and mouth ulcers caused by heartburn, 6 grams of lotus seeds, 6 grams of gardenia and 6 grams of jujube kernels can be used to soak tea in boiling water.
Relax and relax in the evening. Summer is disturbing and restful. In the summer evening, you can do some stretching and relaxing exercises, mainly to relax skeletal muscles, which can promote nighttime sleep. It is recommended to walk slowly, do chest expansion exercises, raise your head with both hands, the frequency is 10 to 15 times per minute. The exercise of stretching the limbs can promote blood circulation around the body, thereby reducing the heart load.
Soak up your feet at night. Moisture is heavy in summer, and dampness is most likely to invade the spleen of the human body. The dampness and spleen are sleepy, and it is easy to hurt the heart and yin for a long time. Foot bathing at night combined with massage of Yongquan acupuncture points helps to eliminate heat and dampness, prevent heat and colds, invigorate people, increase appetite, and promote sleep. Massage Yongquan points can stimulate kidney essence and nourish the mind. Yongquan Point is located in the depression at the junction of the front 1/3 and back 2/3 of the midline of the sole. First rub the palms of both hands and heat, massage the left foot Yongquan with the right palm, and the right foot Yongquan with the left palm.
Furthermore, the point that can't be ignored is to maintain a good mood and peace of mind. Middle-aged and elderly people should avoid overjoy and sorrow and prevent "emotional heat stroke." The hot weather will inevitably make people feel upset, pay attention to keeping the laughter open, quiet and empty, not only help to improve the function of blood vessels, but also coordinate the various organs of the human body to keep you healthy through the hot summer days.

Summer health 5 kinds of ingredients to clear dryness
  green beans. Chinese medicine believes that mung beans clearing heat and purging fire can help the body excrete poisonous fire and promote the body's normal metabolism. Mung beans also contain some ingredients that help lower blood pressure and blood fat. Mung bean sprouts can improve blurred vision caused by vitamin A deficiency, tongue sores caused by vitamin B2 deficiency, stomatitis, dry mouth and tongue caused by vitamin C deficiency. The bean skin removed from mung bean sprouts is called mung bean clothing, which has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, and retreating eyesight.
Honeysuckle. Since ancient times, it has been known as a good medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification. It is sweet and fragrant, sweet and fragrant, clears the heat without hurting the stomach, and is fragrant and fragrant. Honeysuckle can both disperse wind and heat, and also clear blood poison. It is used to improve various sexually transmitted diseases, such as body heat, rashes, plaques, fever, carbuncle and sore throat.
Coptis. It is a commonly used Chinese medicine. It was first recorded in the "Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing". Because its rhizomes are colored like beads, it is called "Huanglian", and its taste is extremely bitter. There is no way to say it. "
Bezoar. That is to say, gallstones in cattle are called "gall yolk" or "yolk" in the gallbladder, "tube yellow" in the bile duct, and "liver yellow" in the hepatic duct. Chinese medicine believes that bezoar gas is fragrant, slightly bitter and then sweet, and cool. It can be used for antipyretic, detoxifying, and alarming. Oral administration of high fever mental coma, pediatric convulsion, convulsions, etc., external use to improve sore throat, aphthous ulcers. Natural bezoar is very precious, the international price is higher than gold, and it has a high medicinal value. Xihuangwan and other medicines contain this ingredient.

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