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Keep in mind the five precepts for the elderly

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Older people have muscle atrophy and muscle strength has also decreased significantly; the nervous system responds slowly, has poor coordination, and prolongs the response time to stimuli. Therefore, exercise for the elderly should choose slow and soft movements, coordinated and relaxed muscles, and full body activities such as Tai Chi, walking, and jogging.
Or change head position
Head-to-back, side-to-side bending, various rolls, head-to-foot-height, foot-to-handstand, etc. are all head movements. These actions will cause blood to flow to the head, the blood vessel wall of the elderly is hard, and the elasticity is poor. Once it can't withstand the occurrence of blood vessel rupture, it will cause cerebral hemorrhage, which is life-threatening in severe cases.
Breath-hold exercise
When the elderly hold their breath, the pressure in the chest cavity rises suddenly, which makes the blood back to the heart, and the cardiac output decreases, so the blood supply to the brain is also reduced. Sudden return of blood to the heart suddenly will cause a sudden increase in cardiac output, blood pressure rise, and blood supply to the brain suddenly increase, prone to cerebrovascular accidents.
Abstain from intense sports
The elderly are not suitable for more intense exercise. This is because on the one hand, the functions of various organs of the elderly are reduced, physical athletes are slow, the coordination response is poor, and sports injuries are easy to occur; on the other hand, intense competition is easy to make the emotions too excited Induce accidents.
Keep rushing for success
Elderly people have poor adaptability to physical load due to reduced physiological function, so they should have a longer adaptation period during exercise. For people over the age of 30, for every 10 years of age, the time to adapt to the load is extended by about 40%. Therefore, exercise should be done step by step. After adapting to a certain exercise load, slowly increase the amount of activity. Avoid excessive exercise and excessive load of activity.

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