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There are "six essentials" in spring health, these kinds of dishes are indispensable on the table!

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"Looking forward, looking forward, the east wind is coming, and the pace of spring is near"

As the saying goes, a year ’s plan lies in spring

When it was warm and cold

Use food to lay the foundation for our health


Spring mainly focuses on nourishing the liver. Spinach has the effects of clearing liver heat, nourishing liver blood, moistening the large intestine, and defecating stools. In addition, it is also rich in carotenoids, zeaxanthin, and lutein to help protect the eyes. Eating spinach regularly can improve the efficiency of mitochondria and make people more energetic.

But remember, do not remove spinach root when cooking, it can have blood-enriching effect.


Lettuce, also known as "spring vegetables", is one of the most suitable vegetables to eat in spring. Lettuce is rich in vitamins, calcium, magnesium, dietary fiber and other ingredients. The study found that a certain substance in lettuce can resist rhinitis caused by allergies in spring, and can relieve the suffering of allergic patients.

Shepherd's purse

Right now, although it hasn't really picked up, the most cold-resistant shepherd's purse is already on the market. Shepherd's purse is rich in nutrients, its vitamin C, carotenoids and various minerals content is relatively high, especially worth mentioning is that its calcium content is close to three times the milk of the same quality. Shepherd's purse has certain medicinal value, and traditional medicine believes that it can be used to assist in the treatment of diseases such as dysentery, enteritis, and gastric ulcer.

Spring leek

Spring leek is the most suitable body for yang. Leek contains nutrients such as volatile oil, protein, fat and multi-vitamins, and has the effects of strengthening stomach, refreshing and strengthening kidney. Spring leek is the best among the leeks, and the taste is particularly delicious. Its roots are white like jade, its leaves are green like green, and its fragrance is rich.

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