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Public health services provide the health for the people —— Haidong City deepens the reform of the medical and health system

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“The village clinics have been renewed, and the township clinics are neat and beautiful.” “If you are ill, look at your doorstep, you do n’t have to run that far.” In an interview with the hospitals in Haidong City, you can always hear the villagers ’ Words of beauty.


  Making the masses convenient and affordable is the fundamental foothold of the great development of the health undertakings in Haidong City. Since the medical reform, Haidong City has made every effort to promote equalized public health services, and has launched a comprehensive government purchase of basic public health services throughout the city. The national immunization program for school-age children has a vaccination rate of 95%, and standardized management rates for hypertension and diabetes Reached 62.6% and 61.1%. At the same time, 93,000 people over 65 years of age were given free medical examinations. Continue to implement major public health services such as maternity and child care, and provide hospital subsidy subsidies of 5,782,000 yuan to 11,564 rural pregnant women in the city; distributing more than 210,000 boxes of nutritional packages for 26,270 infants and children aged 6 to 24 months; Screening of 13809 cases of hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism, and 12089 cases of newborn hearing screening. Continue to implement the national free pre-pregnancy eugenics health check project and complete 22,830 pre-pregnancy eugenics health checks. Implemented free rural family planning technical services for 17,907 cases, and completed free screening of 1.074 million echinococcosis.

In recent years, the content of basic public health service projects in Haidong City has been further expanded, providing urban and rural residents with free and homogeneous 15 types of basic public health service projects; the level of security has been further improved, and the per capita basic public health service funding standard has increased from 45 yuan in 2015 50 yuan by 2016; the fine management of basic public health service projects has been pushed forward steadily, and the standardized electronic filing rate in 2016 is 93.1% ...


  In addition, closely focusing on the main line of "benefiting the people", comprehensively implementing various measures to benefit the people and benefiting the people, it is more convenient for the masses to see a doctor. The "Thousands of Doctors Walk Thousands of Villages to Promote Health" activity was held, and more than 3,000 medical personnel participated in the activity (times).


  Haidong City has also begun to establish a long-term mechanism for the equalization of basic public health services in the city from the establishment of residents' health records, health education publicity and health education consulting services, and elderly health care management, to narrow the gap between urban and rural public health services and effectively Control major diseases and major health risk factors, and continuously improve the health quality of urban and rural residents.

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