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The three major diets for children with wind, cold and cold in autumn

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1. Three Soups

3 Chinese cabbage roots, 7 green onion roots, 15 grams of reed roots, decoction with water. Once a day for 2-3 days. Can be Xinliang solution table, suitable for children with wind and cold. Chinese cabbage is sweet and calm in nature. It has the effects of tonifying the stomach and intestines, clearing away heat and detoxification, and cough and phlegm. Reed root is sweet and cold, can clear the heat, remove troubles and relieve vomiting.

2. Carrot Horseshoe Porridge

150 grams of carrots, 250 grams of horseshoe (water chestnut), 50 grams of rice. Carrot slices, horseshoe peeled and cracked, porridge with rice, porridge, seasoned with a little sugar or salt, ready to eat It can clear away heat, eliminate cough, relieve phlegm, diuretic, relax bowel, and apply to wind, heat and cold. Carrots contain β-carotene, which can protect epithelial tissues and respiratory mucosa, and can resist colds. Horseshoe is sweet and cold. The function is to clear away heat, regenerate sputum, reduce phlegm and benefit water.

3. Sweet potato mustard

250 grams of sweet potatoes and 150 grams of mustard. Peel and cut the sweet potato into small pieces, wash the mustard greens, put them in the pot, add the appropriate amount of water, cook until the sweet potato is cooked, add salt and season to eat. It can dissolve the watch, sweat and clear the heat, suitable for wind, heat and cold. Mustard contains more vitamin C. Vitamin C can improve the sterilization and antiviral ability of neutrophils and lymphocytes, reduce cold symptoms and shorten the course of disease. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin C and β-carotene, protecting epithelial tissue and respiratory mucosa.

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