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"National Basic Public Health Service Specification (Third Edition)"

In order to further standardize the implementation of national basic public health service projects, the National Health and Family Planning Commission revised the "National Basic Public Health Service Standards (2011 Version)", revised and improved the relevant content, streamlined some work indicators, the Ministry of Finance and the State The Medical Administration has formed the "National Basic Public Health Service Specification (Third Edition)".

All localities should train the "standard" in time, set up a training team, strengthen training management, improve training methods, pay attention to the evaluation of training effects, so that grassroots personnel should be trained, and the service content should be fully understood to provide safety and security for urban and rural residents. Effective and qualified basic public health services.


What are the changes in the new version?

The new version of the "Code" combines the "Chinese Medicine Health Management Service Code" and the "TB Patient Health Management Service Code". The relevant service specifications have been revised and improved, and some work indicators have been streamlined and optimized. The main modifications are as follows:

(1) Further clarify that the service target is the permanent population.

(2) Change the "assessment index" in the original version to "work index".

(3) Resident health files. 1. Add the relevant content of the resident health card in the "Establishment of Resident Health File" section, and delete the relevant content of the health care card. 2. In the service content section, add the content of termination and preservation of residents' health records. In the service request part, the method of keeping the electronic version of test and inspection report documents is added, emphasizing the information integration and interconnection of electronic health records. 3. Incorporate the "Chinese Medicine Health Management Service Specification" into the third edition of the "Regulations", and delete the relevant content of the Chinese medicine constitution recognition in the "Health Checkup Form". 4. Add the index note of "Health file filing rate". File establishment refers to the completion of the "Health File Cover" and "Personal Basic Information Form", in which the basic information of children aged 0-6 is filled in the "Newborn Family Visit Record Form", and the "Personal Basic Information Form" is not required. 5. Delete the "Health File Qualification Rate" indicator and modify the "Health File Utilization Rate" indicator to emphasize the interconnection of medical records and health file records. 6. Modify the coding order of ethnicity, education level, occupation, blood type, etc. in the "Personal Basic Information Table" according to relevant standards, and keep consistent with the information standard.

(4) Health education. According to the current key content of health education, key populations and new media of health education, relevant content will be modified and adjusted, such as the deletion of video tapes in the playback of audio materials.

(5) Vaccination. 1. To ensure the safety of vaccination, add "three checks and seven pairs" in the service content section. 2. Delete the "Vaccination Card" to avoid duplication of labor and inconsistencies in the form requirements. 3. Replace the original "Vaccine Immunization Program" table with the "National Immunization Program Vaccine Child Immunization Program Table".

(6) Health management of children from 0 to 6 years old. 1. Modify the content of children's major motor development assessment to be the content of early warning signs screening of children's psychological and behavioral development problems, add relevant questions of developmental assessment to the examination record form, and conduct early screening of children's psychological and behavioral development problems 2. Increase the children's growth and development monitoring chart to facilitate the primary medical and health institutions to judge children's motor development. 3. Delete the "Children System Management Rate" indicator.

(7) Maternal health management. 1. Early pregnancy changed from 12 weeks ago to 13 weeks before pregnancy. 2. Carry out the second-trimester health management in combination with the actual medical and health institutions. The mandatory content was changed to primary medical and health institutions with qualifications for midwifery technical services. Those without qualifications for midwifery technical services urged pregnant women to go to qualified institutions for follow-up. 3. The postpartum visit time was changed from 3-7 days postpartum to within 1 week after maternal discharge. 4. Delete the "Pregnant Woman Health Management Rate" indicator.

(8) Health management of the elderly. 1. In the auxiliary content of the service content, add abdominal ultrasound (hepatobiliary, pancreas, spleen) inspection related content. 2. Delete the "Complete Rate of Health Examination Form" indicator, no longer set up separately, and integrate the original index content into the "Elderly Health Management Rate" indicator 3. Clarify the definition of indicators for the health management rate of the elderly. The numerator (accepting health management) refers to the establishment of health files, the acceptance of health examinations, health guidance, and completion of the health examination form.

(9) Health management of patients with hypertension. 1. In the "screening" part of the service content, increase the definition of high-risk patients with hypertension. 2. Refine the satisfaction standard of blood pressure control. 3. Improve the definition of "management population blood pressure control rate" index. Added the description of blood pressure compliance at the latest follow-up. 4. Delete the "hypertension patients health management rate" indicator.

(10) Health management of diabetic patients. 1. Improve the definition of "management population blood sugar control rate" index. Add the description of the fasting blood glucose standard reached in the most recent follow-up. 2. Delete the "diabetes health management rate" indicator.

(11) Management of patients with severe mental disorders. 1. Change "severe mental illness patients" to "severe mental disorders patients". 2. Delete the "management rate of patients with severe mental illness" indicator. 3. Delete the index of "stable rate of patients with severe mental illness".

(12) Chinese medicine health management. 1. Added the description of "Physical Judgment Standard Form", emphasizing that the accuracy of the physical identification results depends on the accuracy of answering questions by the service recipient. 2. Delete the indicator of "Complete Rate of Health Management Record Form for Elderly People", no longer set up separately, and integrate the content of the original indicator into the indicator of "Health Management Rate of Elderly People's Traditional Chinese Medicine".

(13) Reporting and handling of infectious diseases and public health emergencies. 1. In the "Discovery and Registration of Communicable Diseases and Public Health Emergencies" section, add relevant work records and reports related to the automatic generation of electronic medical records and electronic health records. 2. Revise the definition of the index of "Reporting rate of infectious diseases". Change "Number of report cards" to "Number of infectious cases reported online".

(14) Co-management of health and family planning supervision. 1. Change "hygienic supervision and management" to "hygiene and family planning supervision and management". 2. Change the "food safety information report" in the service content to "food-borne disease and related information report", and delete the relevant content of occupational health consultation guidance. 3. Add relevant content of family planning related information report.




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