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Instruction for centrifuge

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1. Installation requirements of centrifuge
1. The table where the centrifuge is placed should be solid and flat.
2. The power supply should have an independent ground wire, and the neutral wire and the ground wire cannot be shared.
3. The instrument is placed in a dry and non-corrosive environment.
2. Operation instructions and requirements of the centrifuge
1. Press "STOP" to open the centrifuge cover and check whether the screws on the turntable are tight.
2. Specimens should be placed symmetrically. If they do not meet the balance requirements, use empty tubes instead.
3. After closing the centrifuge cover, press "START" to start work.
4. Press “SET” twice to enter the speed setting, press three times to enter the time setting, press the up and down keys to set the speed and time, after setting, press “ENTER” to save and exit the setting.
5. If the centrifuge is in working state, press the "STOP" button to stop working.
6. After the centrifugation time is over, the centrifuge cover will open automatically, and there will be a prompt by the wind buzzer.
7. At the end of the time, turn off the power.
3. Maintenance and care of the centrifuge
1. The drive shaft should be coated with a little butter or lubricating oil to prevent rust and to facilitate rotor loading and unloading.
2. Regularly check the rotor for corrosion spots and small cracks. It is important to check before use.
3. When the rotor is not used for a long time, it should be placed in a dry place without corrosion to avoid corrosion.




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