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Xuzhou National Basic Public Health Service Subsidies Continue to Adjust

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We learned from the Xuzhou City Health and Health Commission that the "2019 Municipal Primary Health Work Opinions" has just been released. This year, the city ’s basic public health service subsidy standard has been raised to no less than 75 yuan per capita. The subsidy standard for basic public health services per capita required by the Health and Health Commission is 55 yuan.
It is reported that the current national basic public health service project has 14 items, including urban and rural residents' health records management, health education, vaccination, 0-6 year old child health management, maternal health management, elderly health management, chronic disease health management ( Hypertension, diabetes), management of patients with severe mental illness, health management of tuberculosis patients, infectious diseases and public health emergencies reporting and handling services, Chinese medicine health management, health and family planning supervision and management services, free provision of contraceptives, health Literacy promotion.
The opinion also proposes to adapt to the new situation of urban and rural population agglomeration and transfer, seize the favorable opportunity of implementing the rural revitalization strategy and improving the housing conditions of farmers, integrate the construction of medical institutions at the town and village levels into the overall construction plan of the local government, and build high standards Primary-level medical and health institutions in residential areas will adjust and optimize the distribution of existing resources and build a new primary-level medical and health service system.

Source: Xuzhou Daily




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