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Spring health diet tips

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"More mains and fewer side dishes" means eating more staple foods and eating less food. The spring is windy and rainy, but the climate is dry, the temperature changes volatility, the body's immunity and defense function are easy to decline, and some common diseases in spring are induced. At this time, you can eat more staple food, the main ingredient is carbohydrates, which is economical and can be directly converted into calories, to provide the basic needs of the body. In addition, in the spring, attention should be paid to regulating the spleen and stomach. Compared with big fish and big meat, rice should be easy to digest and protect the stomach.
"More vegetables and fewer fruits" means eating more vegetables and less fruits. In the spring, the liver is mainly used. Vegetables are rich in vitamins, cellulose and minerals. They have a special function to unclog blood vessels and intestines. Both the liver and the heart like it. Vegetables can help the liver to achieve protein, sugar and fat metabolism as soon as possible; Without it, liver metabolism is poor. Eating less fruit does not mean not eating fruit, but eating in moderation. Spring temperatures are warming up, and people love eating sweet and sour fruits to quench their thirst. But fruit contains more fruit acid, which is a cold food, and eating too much is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach.
"More milk and less meat" means more milk and less meat. Spring is the season of recovery of all things and the emergence of yang. The one-year plan lies in spring. Milk is a complete nutritious food. Drinking more milk in spring can meet the needs of human growth and health. It is the best choice for all kinds of people in spring. Meat has a high cholesterol content. If you eat too much, you will easily gain weight and induce "three highs."
"More water and less oil" Seasonal change brings a windy and dry climate, exacerbating the loss of body water. Symptoms such as headache, constipation, and weight gain are all caused by spring dryness. The easiest way to detox is to drink plenty of water. Waking up every morning and drinking honey water will help clean the intestines, detoxify and remove fire.
"Colorful and less single" means eating more colorful food and less food with monotonous colors and tastes. In the human body, the five internal organs have their own love, such as heart love red and bitter; liver love green and acid; kidney love black and salty; lung love spicy and white; spleen love yellow and sweet. In the diet, people should take care of the hobbies of various organs.
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